Watch: Michigan’s Spiking COVID Cases Will Hurt Black and Brown Communities Most
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explains why that is and encourages us all to remain vigilant against the virus.
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What Retaking the Michigan House Means for Democrats

Republicans have held total control over the Michigan legislature for ten years. But Democrats are only a few wins away from changing that.

Michigan's first-time voters could change the tide of the election. These answers to frequently asked questions can help new voters cast their ballots confidently.
Voting for the First Time in a Pandemic? Don’t Panic. Just Plan.

There’s still time to vote in the election. These answers to frequently asked questions will help you vote with confidence.

New data shows that as nonviolent offenders are released from Michigan jails to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, crime rates are not increasing. The information could signal the beginning of prison reform. Photo via Shutterstock.
Michigan’s Prison Population Is Plummeting. Biden’s Plan For Returning Citizens Could Only Help.

The state now has even more formerly incarcerated residents looking for support as they reclaim their lives.

Plymouth career coach Allison O’Beirne loves to empower others to find their footing professionally in virtual settings.
WATCH: How to Make the Most of Your Zoom Job Interview

Plymouth career coach Allison O’Beirne gives us her advice on nailing your next Zoom interview (pajamas optional).

A screencapture from leaked footage of a small fundraiser for John James.
Under John James, 3 out of 4 Veterans in Financial Emergency Were Denied Assistance

While Sen. Gary Peters has been working to expand veterans' access to services, his opponent John James denied veterans emergency support while overseeing the Michigan Veterans' Trust Fund.

Kija Gray, left, and her mother Sonja E. James, voted together when Gray was growing up.
‘She Always Took Us’: Michigan Mother Makes Voting a Family Outing, Just Like Her Mother Did

When Detroit resident Kija Gray votes, she brings a new generation of voters with her to bring about change.

Students at Marquette University with compete against students from neighboring Upper Peninsula colleges to give the most flu shots this season.
Upper Peninsula Universities Race to Give the Most Flu Shots

The winning school gets a trophy, but it’s the bragging rights (and protected health) that these Yooper students covet.

Kalamazoo resident Mayra Leon votes with her family in mind.
Why I Vote: This Gen Z Mother Votes for the Undocumented

Kalamazoo mom Mayra Leon doesn’t care about the politics. She is concerned about the people and her family this election season.