Dozens of firework displays are scheduled across Michigan for the Fourth of July holiday.
Fourth of July: A Guide to Independence Day Celebrations in Michigan

Michigan families have no shortage of Fourth of July activities to choose from this year.

Everything You Want to Know About Michigan’s Bees, Beekeeping, and Local Honey

If you’ve ever watched a honeybee land delicately on a flower or curiously investigate your colorful t-shirt, you were looking at a worker. Small, sterile, and always female, the worker bees are the bulk of the colony. They have many jobs.

What’s Up With Morels? A Newbie Follows a Pro Hunter Into the Woods

As Angelina sweeps her walking stick across the forest floor, combing back the untamed foliage, I scan the area. I’ve been told to look for little brown caps rising from the undergrowth. I excitedly point one out, but it’s just a dead leaf. Angelina tells me that’s normal.  I spend a lot of time in...