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About The ‘Gander Newsroom

The ‘Gander is owned and operated by Courier Newsroom, a progressive civic media company with eight state-based newsrooms.

Our mission is to protect and strengthen our democracy through credible, fact-based journalism that seeks to create a more informed, engaged, and representative America. 

We reach audiences who do not regularly engage with civic information, and who are unlikely to subscribe to journalism locked behind a paywall. As part of that effort, we deliver much of our reporting on the social platforms our readers use most frequently.

The editors and reporters at The ‘Gander Newsroom—all Michiganders—practice independent, point-of-view journalism. The managing editor has sole discretion and control over the editorial process, and is advised by Courier Newsroom’s editorial leader, the VP of Content.

Here’s where we’re coming from: While other newsrooms seek clicks and paid subscriptions to stay alive, we stand firm in our mission to be public servants in our journalism, in order to protect democracy and overcome divisions by building pride in what we share and hold dear as Michiganders. By ensuring more people have access to fact-based information that centers their voices and the issues they care about, we believe they will be inspired to become more civically engaged—not only on Election Day, but every day.   


Graham Harington

Social Media Manager
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Keya Vakil
Deputy Political Editorial Director
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About Courier Newsroom

See Courier’s website for additional information about our national team and our funding model.

Courier Newsroom is a public benefit corporation owned by Good Information Inc., and is supported by reader contributions, sponsors, philanthropic donations, and corporate underwriting. We maintain an editorial firewall between our newsrooms and underwriters, sponsors, and donors. We do not accept funding from any national or state political party, party committee, candidate, or campaign.

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