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6 Books for Staying Home and Reading All Winter—Non-Fiction Edition

From dark and magical places to premonitions to rebuilding Puerto Rico, this list of non-fiction books will give you six reasons to stay home until the snow melts.

8 Books for Staying Home and Reading All Winter—Fiction Edition

Family legend has it that before I could even sit up on my own, I was demanding books. If that makes you think, "well, duh," then please enjoy this list of books to read while you're staying warm this winter.

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17 Highly Anticipated Summer Music Festivals in Michigan for 2022

Whether your preferred music venue is in the heart of the city or tucked away at a remote campsite, check out Michigan’s most anticipated musical events for 2022.

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16 Michigan Speakeasies Inspired by the Roaring Twenties

Knock, knock. What’s the password? Get the inside scoop on Michigan’s best speakeasy-inspired hangouts and haunts.

You Probably Don’t Know These 7 Female Historical Figures from Michigan

Do you know about the American Joan of Arc or Michigan’s own Rosie the Riveter? Learn more about Michigan’s most iconic women in history.

Protestors gather in front of the Joe Louis "Fist" statue in Detroit. Louis famously took down Max Schmeling, striking a blow to the idea of Aryan supremacy.
‘We’re Not Going to Lose The Ukrainian People’: Michiganders Stand Up Against New War 

Many Michigan neighbors woke up to war waged on their family. Now, they’re fighting back from afar.

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16 Michigan Fruit Festivals to Check Out in 2022

The national cherry and blueberry fests may be the top contenders, but there’s more to see. Here’s a calendar of Michigan’s best fruit-related festivals for 2022.