We found the 3 best budget-friendly steakhouses in Detroit

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By The 'Gander Staff

April 18, 2024

Detroit is home to a variety of locally owned steakhouses that offer high-quality cuts at affordable prices. From historic gems to contemporary soul food spots, there is something for every steak lover in the Motor City. Here are the top 5 affordable, local steakhouses in Detroit that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Firebird Tavern

Nestled in Greektown, the Firebird Tavern is a cozy spot known for its welcoming atmosphere and budget-friendly menu. If you’re not looking to spend a lot on a steak dinner, the Firebird Tavern is the place to go.

Since 2013, Firebird has provided locals and visitors with a lively dining experience that focuses on elevated tavern food at affordable prices. The $19 Steak Frites meal is marinated in Founder’s Red Eye IPA, garlic, and Moroccan spices. Fries are served with zip sauce.

If you’re looking for a steak dinner on a budget, the Steak Frites at Firebird Tavern is the meal for you.

Cutter’s Bar & Grill – A Laid-Back Approach to Great Steak

You’ll find Cutter’s Bar & Grill on the outskirts of downtown. This little culinary delight proves you don’t need white tablecloths to enjoy a high-quality steak. This neighborhood favorite strikes the perfect balance between casual comfort and culinary excellence, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to indulge in a delicious steak without the pretense of a traditional steakhouse setting.

Cutter’s Bar & Grill boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where friends gather, families celebrate, and steak lovers unite. The interior, with its inviting bar and cozy seating, encourages diners to relax and enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace. It’s this laid-back vibe that sets Cutter’s apart, offering a retreat from the formal dining experience without sacrificing the quality of the food on your plate.

One of the most popular offerings at Cutter’s is the Steak Bites. Reviews boast of tender, well-flavored cuts of meat. Each steak is hand-selected and expertly grilled, ensuring that every cut is as tender and flavorful as possible.

To discover more about what makes Cutter’s Bar & Grill a must-visit spot for steak enthusiasts and casual diners alike, be sure to visit their website. There, you’ll find the latest menu offerings, special promotions, and easy reservation options. Don’t miss the chance to experience this laid-back slice of Detroit’s dining scene.

Grey Ghost Detroit: A Haunting Dinner

Step into Grey Ghost Detroit, and you’re stepping into a slice of the city’s Prohibition-era history, named after the legendary rum runner who became a whispered legend in the underground speakeasies of Detroit. The true identity of the Grey Ghost was a mystery to all, shrouded in the mist of rumors about his daring exploits and uncanny ability to sail his contraband goods right under the noses of law enforcement, always remaining one elusive step ahead.

It was said that the Grey Ghost came from a long line of seafarers, inheriting not just their knowledge of the sea but a deep-seated disdain for the Prohibition laws that sought to dry up Detroit. Armed with this heritage and a rebellious spirit, the Grey Ghost set out to defy these restrictions, becoming a beacon of hope and libation for the people of Detroit.

Although the restaurant Grey Ghost Detroit does boast some tasty seafood, the restaurant’s steak offerings are fan-favorites. The New York Strip and Filet Mignon are some of the most popular menu offerings at Grey Ghost. If you want to enjoy your steak dinner with a side of haunting history, Grey Ghost Detroit is sure to serve up culinary delights that are sure to be remembered.

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