Cheese is a Health Food, Says New Research

According to a new report by researchers at University College Dublin’s Institute of Food and Health, cheese—which is packed with protein, calcium, and phosphorus—can serve a healthy purpose in your diet.

Michigan’s Best Winter Farmers’ Markets & What’s In-Season Right Now

Michigan’s rich soil gives us some of the best produce in the country. But even when it’s frozen, you can still find plentiful fresh produce at your local farmers’ market.

Local Gift Guide: 70+ Special, Affordable Gifts Made By Michiganders

Shopping locally makes your gift twice as nice.

New Programs Bring Help for Michigan Diabetics Struggling to Afford Insulin

The Inflation Reduction Act caps the cost of insulin for people on Medicare at $35 a month starting in January. It also caps Medicare recipients' out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs at $2,000 a year and allows Medicare to negotiate the cost of some drugs.

Program Aims to Alleviate Stress, Prevent Suicides Among MI First Responders

A new program developed by Wayne State University provides resources to Michigan first responders to alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder and other work-related mental health challenges.

Michigan Conservationists: Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Critical to Save Species

Environmental groups are calling efforts over the past half-century to restore the wild turkey population from the brink of extinction one of America's greatest wildlife success stories.

Forecast: Cold, Snowy Winter Could Hit Michiganders in Their Wallets

Forecasters are predicting extreme cold and wet weather for Michigan and the upper Midwest this winter, and experts warn that high energy bills could come with it.