Readers’ Choice: Top 5 Bowling Spots in Michigan

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By The 'Gander Staff

April 16, 2024

From retro lanes — including one of the oldest running bowling alleys in the country — to modern entertainment centers, there’s something for everyone when it comes to knocking down those ten pins. Our readers have spoken, and we’ve compiled a list of the five best bowling alleys in Michigan according to our recent poll.

The nicely landscaped outside of a bowling alley, lit up at dusk.

Courtesy of Wonderland Lanes

Wonderland Lanes in Commerce Charter Township

Wonderland Lanes in Commerce Charter Township isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill bowling alley (which is probably why it’s our readers’ favorite). When you step through the beautifully updated exterior into the retro-style bowling haven inside, you’ll know you’re entering a slice of local history that has been rolling strong for years.

If you’re waiting to bowl or just finished up a game you can find billiards and delicious grub inside the spacious pub, named “The Mad Hatter Pub” to fit with the Wonderland theme. With ample seating for the whole family, you can enjoy your favorite alley eats, family favorites, or cold beers in a laid-back sports bar atmosphere so you can watch the Lions game or just hang out after you bowl.

At Wonderland Lanes, they know that bowling is more than just a game — it’s a sport. It’s where people of all ages come to compete in leagues. And their pro shop has everything a semi-pro needs to level up their game including the best balls, shoes, bags, and more.

And Wonderland Lanes doesn’t skimp on the events. From glow nights with a live DJ to holiday specials and birthday parties, they have plenty to offer the community. Because Wonderland has so many events, always be sure to call ahead for open bowling times, just in case.

A retro bowling alley lit up with purple and orange lighting.

Courtesy of Garden Bowl

The Garden Bowl in Detroit

Step into the alley where history and hip vibes roll together like a perfect strike. Vintage charm meets modern-day grub and rock-n-roll soul in its interior. But this historic alley, one of the oldest running bowling alleys in the USA, has been a haven for bowlers and fun-seekers since 1913. Imagine rolling your ball down lanes that have seen more than a century of strikes and spares. There’s something utterly cool about being part of bowling history.

Even after 111 years in service and its induction into the National Register of Historic Places, the Garden Bowl is anything but stuck in the past. With live music and a full bar serving everything from classic beers to craft cocktails, this place knows how to throw a modern party with an old-school twist.

When the bowling gets intense, or you just need a moment to relax, mosey on over to the bar. Here, the stories flow as freely as the drinks, and you can find yourself chatting with a local legend or making new friends over a shared love for knocking down pins. The Garden Bowl is a community hub with good times and good company.

So, if you’re looking for a place where you can embrace the joy of bowling in an environment that’s as vibrant and full of life as the city it calls home, The Garden Bowl in Detroit is your alley. Here, every roll comes with a side of history, every strike sparks a story, and every visit is an invitation to become part of the ongoing legacy of Detroit’s favorite place to bowl.

A bowling alley, lit up with ambient blue lighting for glow bowling.

Courtesy of Strikers Entertainment Center

Strikers Entertainment Center in Richmond

Roll into Strikers Entertainment Center in Richmond, and you’re not just stepping into a bowling alley where state-of-the-art meets the art of fun. You’ll find lanes that glow in the dark, pins that seem to dance just before you strike them down, and screens that keep score while you focus on unleashing your inner bowling champ. It’s like stepping into a future where bowling alleys double as high-tech playgrounds.

Whether you’re in the mood for a craft beer or a burger that’s as satisfying as a spare on a split, Strikers has you covered. Their food scores almost as many points as the bowlers, and the menu is as varied as the bowling styles you’ll see on any given night.

This entertainment center is like a Swiss Army knife of fun — there’s something for everyone. Arcade games that span generations, from the classics that ate your quarters as a kid to the latest virtual reality experiences that’ll make you question what’s real and what’s pixelated fun. And for those who like their entertainment to come with a side of competition, there are leagues that turn bowling from a casual pastime into a nail-biting sport.

Strikers Entertainment Center is where kids and teens (and fun adults) celebrate their birthdays with strikes and gutter balls, where corporate teams come to build camaraderie, and where families make memories that last long after the game is over.

A bowling alley with the words "Clique Lanes" on the wall in a retro font in orange lettering.

Courtesy of Clique Lanes

Clique Lanes in Grand Rapids

Clique Lanes is a bi-level, 16-lane retro haven for bowling enthusiasts and visitors in Grand Rapids. The old-school charm of bowling alleys meets a warm, inviting atmosphere, making every bowler feel like they’re stepping back in time from the moment they step inside. This family-owned gem has been rolling out the red carpet (or should we say lanes) for bowlers of every stripe since 1953, and it’s easy to see why it’s a hit.

Clique Lanes is the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all entertainment venue. Its unique layout is perfect for private parties that strikes a balance between accommodating open bowling and leagues in a smaller space. The lanes themselves are impeccably maintained, and their goal is to be the friendliest bowling center in town..

Their unique approach to hosting low-stress mini-leagues alongside regular leagues can’t be found anywhere else. And for those who are just dipping their toes into the world of bowling, the welcoming staff are always on hand to offer tips, tricks, or just a word of encouragement.

Beyond the bowling, Clique Lanes doesn’t skimp on the drinks and snacks. Now serving pizza alongside their delicious sandwiches and snacks, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

So, if you find yourself in Grand Rapids and in search of a place that rolls out the welcome mat like no other, make your way to Clique Lanes. It’s where the bowling is great, the people are friendly, and the atmosphere retro cool.

A bowling lane with a big screen TV, lit up at night for glow bowling.

Courtesy of Stardust Entertainment Center

Stardust Entertainment Center in Saginaw

At Stardust, the bowling experience is nothing short of stellar. But bowling is just the beginning of Stardust Entertainment Center’s entertainment options. They also invite guests to explore a laser tag arena which feels like stepping into a sci-fi saga. Then, there’s the arcade with a treasure trove of games where you can travel back in time with classic favorites or challenge the cutting-edge of gaming technology. Plus, Stardust offers bumper cars, an escape room, axe throwing, and even more family fun.

Whether you’re fueling up with friends before hitting the lanes or celebrating a successful mission in the laser tag arena, the Taproom has a menu that’s off the beaten path. With specialty cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic options, and a varied menu, there’s something for everyone who’s worked up an appetite.

Stardust is one of the best bowling alleys in Michigan, offering free kids’ bowling (if you sign up in advance), parties, and an overall fun experience for families and league bowlers alike.





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