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Your Story Is Valid: What You Need to Know About Rediscovering Your Purposeful Voice

Here are some reminders about your voice, how we can cultivate and use it, and some tips for the journey. 

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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup: A New Way to Think About Self-Care

As caregivers, we are often the last to think of ourselves—and that’s especially true for primary caregivers.

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Getting Mental Health Care Is Tough Nowadays. Here Are Five Suggestions to Help You Find Support.

Michigan mom and mental health expert Erica Carulli offers suggestions for finding care at a reduced cost. 

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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Kids in 2022 to Understand Their Mental Health 

Michigan mom and mental health expert Erica Carulli shares four simple prompts to make talking about mental health with your children easier and more impactful.

5 Steps Toward Finding Gratitude in 2020

Michigan therapist and mom Erica Carulli shares her "cheat sheet" to help your family find gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Michigan therapist and mother Erica Carulli shares with us why she's voting in this election.
Now That I Have the Right to Vote, I’m Going to Use It

Professional Michigan counselor Erica Carulli says that ‘there’s never too many voices.’ That’s why this Michigan mom made a plan to vote this election.

The onslaught of information Michiganders consume each day can be overwhelming. Therapist Erica Carulli shares her tips for letting go and staying calm.
Keeping It Together: A Guide To Not Losing It During This Crazy Election

Michigan therapist Erica Carulli gives her self-care tips for navigating a monumental election full of (mis)information.