The 4 best wine spots in Grand Rapids, according to our readers

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By Stacy Rounds

May 7, 2024

Are you a wine enthusiast looking for the best wine spots in Grand Rapids? Look no further! In our recent reader’s choice poll, we asked you to explore the top wine destinations in the area where you can indulge in popular varietals and exquisite new flavors, and tell us all about your favorites. And boy, did you deliver! From cozy wine bars to elegant tasting rooms, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer for every wine lover.

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4. The Crushed Grape

Venture off the beaten path and into the delightful embrace of The Crushed Grape, a sanctuary for those who cherish the thrill of discovering new wines. This quaint wine bar and gift boutique is a treasure trove in Grand Rapids, standing out for its meticulously selected range of unusual and captivating wines from small-scale, artisan wineries.

Have you ever wanted to venture on a guided tour through nearly 2,000 selections of wine? This is the place! The tour guides at The Crushed Grape lead you through the intricacies of each wine’s story. They’re adept at tailoring suggestions to individual tastes and are happy to champion the wine world’s underdogs, giving a platform to winemakers who dare to be different. If you’re into sipping beyond the mainstream, this is the place for discovery.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or someone just beginning to dabble in the world of wine, The Crushed Grape welcomes you with open arms. It promises a diverse array of exceptional wines and beautiful gifts including locally sourced meats and cheeses, spirits, craft beer, and more. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful storefront on Knapp St.

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Courtesy of House of Wine

3. House of Wine

Immerse yourself in House of Wine, a comfortable, welcoming space with an extensive range of wines that cater to every palate. Their experts ensure that whether you’re a dedicated connoisseur or someone just beginning to navigate the vast world of wine, you’ll enjoy the stories behind each bottle. This family-owned Grand Rapids staple offers wine-tasting workshops nearly every month and free wine-tasting events every Tuesday. House of Wine is a must-see destination for Grand Rapids tourists as well as locals, offering events like their “Raise a Glass” wine tours.

Every visit to House of Wine feels here like an occasion. As you explore the carefully curated collection, you’re invited to not only taste but also learn. Tastings and events at House of Wine are thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of wine, all while fostering a sense of community among wine lovers. And if you’re planning a private event, they are welcoming and accommodating for groups of fifteen people or more, while smaller groups can enjoy a cozy gathering by making a no-fuss reservation.

At House of Wine, you can also enjoy a variety of charcuterie boards, salads, and small plates that are beautiful, well-curated, and yet, unfussy. You can even build your own board to make your experience as unique as your tastes.

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Courtesy of Reserve Wine & Food

2. Reserve Wine & Food

Anyone who has walked through the doors of Reserve Wine & Food knows this isn’t your average food and wine haven. Reserve stands apart as a foodie paradise with a staff that understands the nuances of pairing amazing food with a bouquet of fine wines. This spot dazzles with its selection of artisan cheeses, delectable meats, and gourmet small bites that are a feast you’ll remember forever. The staff at Reserve excels in innovation, which is why they are temporarily closing to introduce the food and wine lovers of Grand Rapids to something entirely new.

Reserve Wine & Food has always been a step ahead of the curve, not just with their wine selections and trailblazing food selections, but with their culture. They were one of the first independent restaurants in the area to attract and retain amazing talent by offering benefits including medical, retirement, and paid time off. They also take pride in growing chefs so they can have the confidence and experience to launch their own ventures.

With a focus on local ingredients and seasonal ingredients, Reserve has paved the way for sustainability in the Grand Rapids food scene for fourteen years. We suspect this will not alter with the launch of their new concept.

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Courtesy of Martha’s Vineyard Fine Wine

1. Martha’s Vineyard Fine Wine

As the crown jewel of our reader’s choice list, this exquisite wine shop is a sanctuary for wine lovers. With over 3,000 labels available in their wine loft at any given time, the shelves of Martha’s Vineyard Fine Wine offer more diversity and choice than any other wine shop in the area. Bottles from premiere vineyards and small producers across the globe are available for in-store shopping, pick-up, or shipping seven days a week.

If you walk into Martha’s Vineyard without your sommelier certificate or extensive tasting experience, never fear: the folks who work there offer up their expertise to guide you through the vast, vibrant world of varietals, regions, and bouquets. Whether you’re in search of a bold, assertive red to complement a hearty meal, a delicate white to grace a light summer lunch, or a sparkling option to celebrate life’s milestones, the staff at Martha’s Vineyard Fine Wine is there to ensure your choice is perfect for the moment.


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