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The State of Michigan Is Going to Text You About Free Wi-Fi. It’s a Real Offer.

More than a million Michigan households could qualify for free Wi-Fi. Here’s how. 

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Gov. Whitmer Announces New Effort to Identify Gaps in Internet Access and Provide Roadmap for Expansion

The project will allow the state to more effectively spend the more than $100 million in federal funds coming Michigan’s way to expand access to high-speed internet. More than 1.2 million Michigan households currently lack a permanent fixed broadband connection at home.

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Michigan Has a Broadband Office to Get Wi-Fi, But It’s Sitting Empty

Michigan has the opportunity to get internet access to isolated parts of the state. But the project has been on the back burner. Libraries are stepping in to fill the gap. 

The Blue Water Bridge
Whitmer Creates New Infrastructure Office to Oversee Bridge and Road Repairs, Internet Expansion

The Michigan Infrastructure Office will oversee more than $10 billion in federal infrastructure investments in the state.

A Historic Infrastructure Bill Passed In DC. Here’s What It All Means For Michiganders.

A new infrastructure bill from Washington means “shovels in the ground” for Michigan projects that will lead to better roads, hospitals, and internet access. 

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‘It’s Just a Hard-to-Imagine World’: Rural Michiganders Open up About Living Without Broadband

Some 400,000 rural households lack broadband internet in Michigan, creating a digital divide that harms their educational, economic, and interpersonal lives. Here is the plan to fix that.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is implementing a plan to ensure Michiganders have access to enough vaccine doses.
A New Government Office Will Focus on Connecting Broadband Across the State

Michiganders kept in the internet's slow lane due to access or affordability concerns now have a state office designed to help overcome those roadblocks.