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Stones found on the shore of Lake Michigan. (Photo via Rachel Kramer / Flickr)
Michigan Rock Hunting: Seven Local Stones to Search For

Would you like a necklace made of Lake Superior Agate? How about Chlorastrolite or Leland Blue? Find out more about these Michigan gemstones here.

Photo Courtesy: T. Lawrence, Great Lakes Fishery Commission
The Numbers of So-Called Vampire Fish in the Great Lakes Are on the Rebound. What Have We Learned?

Invasive sea lamprey populations are on the rise, posing a threat to the environment and economy—but scientists have a plan.

Photo by Maria Dryfhout/Shutterstock
Cruisin’ for a Reunion: High-End Great Lakes Cruises Return After Pandemic Break

Cruise lines are back on the Great Lakes. If you want to go, get ready to pay a lot, and get in line.

Cleaner Water, Better Fishing, Bigger Business: What New Funding Means for Michigan Great Lakes

From water skiing to fishing, water activities drive Michigan’s economy. A new investment in Michigan’s Great Lakes basin will pay dividends. 

The SS Bannockburn is pictured while in dry deck in 1902. The ship is one of five popular "ghost ships" people claim to still see sailing the Great Lakes. It disappeared in 1902. (Wikipedia Commons Photo)
5 Ghost Ships Believed to Still be Sailing the Great Lakes

Conversations about ghost ships aren’t limited to the Flying Dutchman. The Great Lakes have their fair share of spooky tales, too. 

10 Famous Great Lakes Ships Every Michigander Should Know

From having a “lucky boat” to seeing a ship that’s simply “majestic,” Michiganders love their Great Lakes boats. Here are some of the most popular. 

Photo Credit Getty
A Michigan Tradition? Salmon Aren’t Native, But They’re a Favorite Here

Most people agree salmon make for good eating. But did you know that these fish also help keep our environment free from invasive species?