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Mental Health Hotline for Moms Launched Nationwide to Support New and Expecting Mothers

anxiety or other mental health concerns to have confidential conversations and get the support they need," HHS Administrator Carole Johnson said in a statement. 

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Your Story Is Valid: What You Need to Know About Rediscovering Your Purposeful Voice

Here are some reminders about your voice, how we can cultivate and use it, and some tips for the journey. 

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Gov. Whitmer Expands Medicaid Coverage for Moms & Babies to 12 Months Postpartum

The expansion of coverage—made possible by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan—is expected to help 35,000 pregnant and postpartum people in Michigan each year, according to the governor’s office.

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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup: A New Way to Think About Self-Care

As caregivers, we are often the last to think of ourselves—and that’s especially true for primary caregivers.

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Getting Mental Health Care Is Tough Nowadays. Here Are Five Suggestions to Help You Find Support.

Michigan mom and mental health expert Erica Carulli offers suggestions for finding care at a reduced cost. 

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300,000 People Rely on Michigan’s Public Mental Health System. Republicans Want to Privatize It.

Opponents say these bills would take away local control, worsen the level of care, and line the pockets of insurance companies at the expense of the 300,000 Michiganders who rely on the public system.

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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Kids in 2022 to Understand Their Mental Health 

Michigan mom and mental health expert Erica Carulli shares four simple prompts to make talking about mental health with your children easier and more impactful.