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Top, left to right: Brady Bowers (North Rockford Middle School), Anwesha Ahmed (Davison Elementary-Middle School), Clara Mervak (Northglade Montessori School) 

Bottom, left to right: Emily Demlow (Lakeview Middle School), Owen Smielewski (Ruth Fox Middle School), Aryan Khedkar (Baker Middle School)
UPDATE: A Kid From Michigan Made It to the Spelling Bee Finals. Here’s How He Did.

Michigan has the fifth-highest total of competitors still around at the quarterfinal stage.

A student at Stocking Elementary School in Grand Rapids was found carrying a loaded gun in his or her backpack. (Stocking Elementary School via Facebook)
Grand Rapids Schools Ban Backpacks After Third Grader Brings in Loaded Gun

A second Michigan school district is banning backpacks on school premises due to concerns about gun violence, this time because a third-grade student was found with a loaded gun.

14 Gifts Teachers Say They Love Getting During Teacher Appreciation Week, from $0-$20

We asked teachers what Teacher Appreciation Week gifts they love to get. Their answers (plus links) are right here—including free things you can do that’ll mean a lot. 

Jackpot: Michigan Lottery Kicks Back $1.25 Billion to Public Schools

More than $1 billion in profits collected through the Michigan Lottery last year are now headed to the state’s School Aid Fund to provide much-needed cash for public schools.

Behind the Curtains of the Newest Anti-LGBTQ Plan Unfolding Against Michigan Schools

The Great Schools Initiative is pushing a familiar rhetoric against Michigan’s public schools. This time, they're looking to bring lawsuits.

‘Traumatic Day’: School Shooting Hoaxes Sweep Michigan

Schools in a Lansing-area district will be closed Wednesday as staff, students and families recover from a phony report of a shooting, a chilling alert that had police scrambling quickly to respond and caused the evacuation of hundreds of teens.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs an executive directive to increase state contracts to geographically disadvantaged businesses in Michigan. (Gov. Gretchen Whitmer via Facebook)
Tutoring, Literacy, and Preschool: Whitmer K-12 Budget Centers on Bipartisan Proposals

Literacy and tutoring are two things that Michigan Republicans and Democrats agree are important. And it’s probably no coincidence that they’re both near the top of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s education agenda.