Want to Fight for Reproductive Freedom? Here’s One Way to Get Involved.

A still from the Defend Choice Week of Action ad, "They Said It Themselves."

By Keya Vakil

July 14, 2022

The Democratic Party’s “Defend Choice” Week of Action includes a new TV ad in Michigan that directs viewers to go to DefendChoice.org to get involved in the nationwide effort to protect abortion access.

Are you angry that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion? Are you looking for a way to get involved in your community and fight for abortion rights? If so, you may be the target audience for a new TV ad that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is airing in Michigan.

The ad—part of the DNC’s “Defend Choice” Week of Action taking place this week—features comments from top Republicans celebrating the demise of Roe and talking about how they could pass a nationwide ban if they regain control of the federal government. 

The ad then directs viewers to get involved in the nationwide effort to protect abortion access at DefendChoice.org. Through the online hub, volunteers can get connected to the Democratic Party’s coordinated field campaign in Michigan and sign up to fight for abortion rights by calling and texting voters in key battleground states to get them mobilized and engaged.

“Republicans have made clear over and over again that overturning Roe v. Wade is just the beginning – they won’t stop until abortion in illegal in every state, incuding Michigan,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The DNC is making sure Michiganders know that Republicans are hellbent on banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. Republicans are trying to take away their rights, but we can fight back by organizing and working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Michigan this November.”

The effort follows a series of digital ads from the DNC and an in-person “Defend Choice” event held Wednesday in Grand Rapids. 

State Reps. Rachel Hood and David LaGrand, both representing the Grand Rapids area, appeared alongside Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan board member Denavvia Mojet to raise awareness of the Republican Party’s extreme anti-abortion agenda. They also emphasized the importance of electing pro-choice lawmakers to ensure abortion remains legal in Michigan, where a draconian 1931 abortion ban has been temporarily blocked by a Court amid ongoing litigation–but could soon go back into effect.

“The entire Michigan GOP has decided to go against a majority of Michiganders by gleefully praising the Supreme Court’s decision, actively calling for the 1931 abortion ban to be reinstated, and writing legislation that would put doctors and people who can give birth in jail for seeking the abortion care they need,” Rep. Hood said. “Unless we vote like our rights depend on it in November, everything will change in Michigan.”

Voters will also likely have the opportunity to enshrine abortion rights into Michigan’s constitution in November. A coalition of abortion rights advocates have submitted more than 750,000 signatures for the “Michigan Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative”—far more than the roughly 425,000 needed to get measures onto the ballot. 

If the initiative is approved by a majority of voters in November, an amendment would be added to the state constitution guaranteeing a right to reproductive freedom, including abortion care, in Michigan.


  • Keya Vakil

    Keya Vakil is the deputy political editor at COURIER. He previously worked as a researcher in the film industry and dabbled in the political world.

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