8 New(and New-ish) Michigan Breweries to Visit in 2023

By Jessica Lee

January 9, 2023

MICHIGAN—Do you love Michigan’s craft beer scene? You’re not alone. 

A new study from Groupon has officially declared Michigan the No. 3 state in the country for beer lovers—based on the quality, affordability, and Michiganders’ general enthusiasm for an ice cold brew. 

And with several new breweries setting up shop in Michigan within the last few years, the state may soon be poised to claim the national throne. Here are eight budding Michigan breweries that could help steal the top spots away from Colorado and California in next year’s nationwide beer-lover rankings:

Archival Brewing (Belmont)

(Courtesy/Archival Brewing)

Levi Knoll got his start in the craft beer scene by brewing small batches in his garage, and then cutting his teeth at several Grand Rapids area breweries. In 2021, he and his wife, Caylee, decided to lay their own shingle and launch Archival Brewing at the site of the old Grand Isle Golf Course. The eccentric brewery specializes in “historic-style beer”—as well as a variety of ciders and meads—using “ancient” brewing techniques. And it’s not just about beer. This brewery serves up a stunning range of food options, too.

Battle Alley Brewing Co. (Holly)

(Courtesy/Battle Alley Brewing Co.)

It’s a brewery! It’s a sports bar! It’s a BBQ restaurant! It’s all of the above. Battle Alley Brewing Co. is the dream of four friends who wanted to “bring their passions to the world”—and apparently those passions come in the form of hand-crafted beer, spirits, wine, cider and mead paired with sports and other live entertainment. Their flagship brew is “Bevins Coast,” a west coast IPA named after the lake next to the taproom. It’s a dry, bitter, grapefruit flavor bomb that’s sure to please those who prefer hoppier beers. 

Burzurk Brewing Co. (Grand Haven)

(Courtesy/Burzurk Brewing Co.)

Burzurk Brewing Co. is a small brewery on the east side of Grand Haven that opened in 2019 and has since garnered a reputation as one of the chillest places in the city—mainly because of all the retro-Caribbean reggae vibes inside. The taproom features a rotating selection of about a dozen beers,  including Mexican and Czech lagers, IPAs, porters, stouts and occasional sours, seltzers and ciders. 

Dog & Pony Show Brewing (Oak Park)

(Courtesy/Dog & Pony Show Brewing)

The craft beer wizards at Dog & Pony Show Brewing have more than a dozen beers on tap at all times—and they often feature some of the most creative names in the industry, like “Cheetah Blood” and “Clockwork Cowboy.” There’s no kitchen, but a rotating fleet of food trucks are usually stationed nearby.

Drifa Brewing Co. (Marquette)

(Courtesy/Drifa Brewing Co.)

This brewery on the shore of Lake Superior is Michigan’s first cooperatively-owned craft brewery—and still one of only about 12 in the country. Joining isn’t necessary to imbibe from the menu of carefully curated brews, though members can vote on company operations as well as score some exclusive perks. 

Lost Art Brewhouse (Walker)

(Courtesy/Lost Art Brewhouse)

This small-batch artisan brewery in Walker cycles  more than 100 different types of craft beer through their taps every year—including pale ales, lagers and just about every other category of brew you could imagine. Among the top fan favorites? The barrel-aged “Roaring 20s” series, and the “Ice Cream” series, which has featured decadent dessert flavors like Orange Creamsicle, Blue Moon and Raspberry Sorbet. 

One Drop Brewing Co. (Oxford)

(Courtesy/One Drop  Brewing Co.)

One Drop Brewing Co. is all about location. The owners reportedly chose to launch the brewery inside a repurposed industrial building as an homage to the industry itself—to show that something beautiful can emerge from a site that was once neglected and overlooked. Guests can either choose to pull up a spot at the bar, or kick back in a more relaxed lounge area complete with a vintage tabletop Pac-Man machine.

Note: This brewery is closed throughout the month of January. 

Schaendorf Brewing Co. (Allegan)

(Courtesy/Schaendorf Brewing Co.)

Located in one of Allegan’s more historic buildings, Schaendorf Brewing Company is operated by the second generation behind a local dairy farm—and they’ve dedicated themselves to providing their guests with true, farm-to-table cuisine to pair along with handcrafted beer in a family-friendly environment.


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