7 Gift Ideas for Michigan Moms Who Love Weed


By Jessica Strachan

May 9, 2023

Moms, you deserve a break. Here are some Michigan sourced ways to help you do just that using cannabis.

MICHIGAN —As Michiganders begin to honor and celebrate the women in their lives for Mother’s Day, we are rounding up a list of gift ideas that recognize their commitment year-round while providing restoration.

Cannabis has gotten a lot of publicity lately as research shows inventive and meaningful ways to use the plant in everyday life—and that means there’s something in the market for most people, including mothers and caretakers.

From a toke of creativity to a dose of evening relaxation, curbing symptoms of PMS and PCOS, to family-safe medicinal salves for the most unexpected bumps and cuts, marijuana is a plant that holds many benefits.

Here are seven starting points for locally sourced and exciting surprises that say “You earned it” to the moms who empower everyone around them.

Floral Fusions


Michigan Wildflowers is a homestead store based in the Mitten that specializes in resourcing and using the kind of nature that Michigan moms hold dear, including farm-fresh lavender and healing herbal extracts.

Check out their line of bath bombs and salts that fuse the elements of native flowers with the calming effects of CBD, made just for rejuvenating and recharging. With many THC-free products (meaning no psychoactive effects on the mind, only total body relaxation), it’s the perfect Mother’s Day prize for those dipping their toes in the waters of using marijuana’s therapeutic properties for everyday life.

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Super Snack Baskets


For women who need a taste of the sweet life, there’s no better place to make cannabis-infused purchases than the local shop Confluence in Three Rivers, near Kalamazoo.

This local community has long championed safe and savvy consumption. At this shop, you’ll find Michiganders’ favorite edible traditions—fudge, honey, and chocolates—but with a twist. Suppose the selection of crispy candy bars or toasted crackers doesn’t satisfy your surprise snack basket. In that case, you’ll find even more handy edibles like an energy-boosting breath spray. Products range from small daytime doses to those that prepare you for a night in.

While it’s definitely worth a visit and jam-packed with weekly events to bring Michiganders together, it’s even more appealing for first-time shoppers who can snag a “$10 off first order” special.

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  • Perfect for an in-person shopping excursion and for first time customers who love to support local 
  • Price range $15-20 for edible products, plus $10 off first time orders 
  • Plan your visit here: https://confluence3r.com/

Cute Candies

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One of the most notable new products to hit the mainstream market are microdoses of marijuana. The adult-only Pot Dots are small candy-coated chocolates about the size of mini M&Ms that moms can discreetly nibble on. This allows for a small pick-me-up that won’t lock them on the couch.

Pot dots can be found in stores across Michigan, but we recommend Cure Leaf in Ann Arbor, Lume in Berkley, or the Herbalist Cannabis Co. in Dearborn. These downtown dispensaries are the perfect locations for rounding out your other errands and shopping trips.

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Fizz and Pop


Sometimes that cup of coffee isn’t what moms need to start the day. Dixie Elixirs offers refreshing beverages, tarts, and gummies for a rejuvenating pick-me-up. Elixirs contain familiar flavors with a kick, from strawberry lemonade to fruit punch. The education-first brand can be found across nearly 100 retailers in Michigan (and online).

Get some tea-HC in these elegant edibles and get in on resources for women learning safe and stigma-free consumption in The Mitten.

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  • Boosted elixirs and treats give hydration and happiness in our favorite drink and candy flavors
  • Available in local retailers across the state and online 
  • Find your perfect product here: https://dixieelixirs.com/

(Smoke) Lounge


For moms who like the good old-fashioned flower, one time-tested strain is beloved by smokers: Blue Dream.

This celebrated 18% THC hybrid of both sativa (cerebral feelings) and indica (body relaxation) properties has been around for over 20 years, growing a reputation of being bud that boosts without the less desired effects of lethargy or anxiety. Fans of this strain (including popular blogger The Stoner Mom) say its indica effects give a feeling of relaxation without knocking you out of the game. At the same time, users swear by the sativa properties that offer up energy and smiles—sans racing thoughts.

Best for creative and uplifting moments, it’s a sure bet to stash away for that much-needed mom moment ahead of playtime, family hikes, or that 100th episode of The Dragon Prince on Netflix.

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  • An energizing and empowering strain that can be smoked as flower or found in tinctures and oils
  • We recommend leafly for your research on best products and local services like curbside pickup and delivery 
  • Find at: https://www.leafly.com/strains/blue-dream

Handbag of Hidden Gems


You’ll always go right with the gift of a great bag. The genuine leather is sophisticated, while the design means only you know what’s inside—classy and foolproof.

A perfect complement to any occasion, we love this odor-free purse lined with eight activated carbon fiber layers and water-resistant nylon fabric to keep your stash items fresh. It’s also functional, with inside mesh zippered pockets for organization and privacy.

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  • Perfect for keeping mom’s stash classy and discreet 
  • Clocking in at only $12 and free shipping, this Etsy shop sends locally from Commerce, Mich. 
  • Wrap up your purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1192891488/

Happy Herbalists

(Blooming Botanicals)

The Botanical Co. is Michigan’s go-to place to unlock the unique properties and many ways the marijuana plant is used.

You’ll find one of the best selections for oils, salves, concentrates, and other medicine cabinet staples at any of their four locations. With private consultations with the team who locally grows the plants, it’s a great place to explore, discover, and treat moms with homegrown products that fit into their lifestyle and comfort level with marijuana.

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