7 Michigan-Grown Sativa Strains for a Spirited Summer

By Kyle Kaminski

May 31, 2023

Many Michigan pot smokers turn to sativa strains in the summer months for their uplifting and energizing effects, which are often preferred for outdoor activities and social gatherings.

MICHIGAN—Got plans this summer? Does it involve the beach? A hike through the woods, perhaps? A barbecue? A camping trip? Then it will probably go better with some high-quality cannabis. 

But not just any ol’ bag of weed will do.

Seasoned stoners know that the active, uplifting and energizing effects of sativa-leaning cannabis strains make them the preferred choice for the warmer months—especially in Michigan, where our bitter winters can make summer’s arrival something worth celebrating. 

So, to serve as your official guide to a super stoned summer, here are my seven (totally biased) recommendations for the best Michigan-grown strains and where you can find them now:

1.) Sour Diesel is known for its energetic, uplifting effects and has been praised for its potent cerebral high. As the name implies, it tends to have a pungent, diesel-like aroma. Try packing this along for your next camping trip; you might not even need to bring along bug spray. 

Find it at Skymint locations across Michigan under its in-house North Cannabis Co. brand. 

(Courtesy/Gage Cannabis Co.)

2.) Green Crack is tangy, citrusy, and widely renowned for its invigorating and focus-enhancing effects. It’s also known to offer smokers a burst of energy and creativity. Try splitting a joint of this stuff with a friend before taking a stroll along the riverfront and grabbing lunch downtown.

Find it at Gage locations across Michigan. 

(Courtesy/Grown Rogue)

3.) Jack Herer is named after the renowned cannabis activist and often celebrated for its uplifting and euphoric qualities—as well as its ability to promote creativity and focus. The strain typically has a spicy, pine-like flavor profile. Try packing up a bowl of Jack Herer before a hike at your local state park. Just remember to bring water; the cottonmouth won’t do you any favors.

Find it at Ascend Cannabis locations across Michigan under the Grown Rogue brand. 

(Courtesy/Winewood Organics)

4.) Durban Poison is a strain that originated in South Africa but has since flooded the recreational market across much of the country. It’s cherished for its clear-headed and uplifting effects, making it a popular choice for daytime use and an overall energizing high. This strain can be perfect for spending a day chatting away with friends, floating in a tube down the river.

Find it at Winewood Organics in Ann Arbor. 

5.) Strawberry Cough is beloved for its sweet, fruity aroma and taste—as well as its remarkable ability to offer an immediate mood boost to those who smoke it. Somehow, this strain is both uplifting and relaxing, but can create some major munchies. Try smoking it before the barbecue.

Find it in pre-rolled and vaporizer forms at Michigan dispensaries under the Stiiizy brand.  

(Courtesy/Redbud Roots)

6.) Super Lemon Haze is named for its potent lemony aroma and taste, but is most well known for its energizing effects and its ability to promote focus and creativity. Try taking a few tokes of this stuff before mowing the lawn, and all your summer yard work will be finished in no time.

Find it at Ascend Cannabis locations across Michigan under the Red Bud Roots brand. 

7.) Tangie is well-known for its distinct tangerine aroma and flavor. If it’s not obvious on the first hit, it’s not Tangie. This strain delivers a cerebral high with some major uplifting effects, often described as both euphoric and energizing. Just bring enough to share at your next pool party. 

Find it in pre-rolled form at Michigan dispensaries under the Glorious Cannabis Co. brand.

Editor’s Note for Weed Snobs: This writer knows that strain labels like “sativa,” “indica,” and “hybrid” represent an aging and imperfect way of classifying cannabis—but it’s the easiest way to help guide consumers without getting into a whole bunch of more detailed stuff about terpenes

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