Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via VeradisDesignLLC on Etsy)

By Jessica Strachan

December 6, 2023

Looking for creative gifts for the cannabis lover in your life this holiday season? This guide is for you.

MICHIGAN—Amid the holiday season, we are all busy plotting the perfect gifts for our loved ones. While Michigan offers many options for more traditional presents at local stores, why not think outside the box and explore one-of-a-kind and rare gifts that celebrate local artists and their unique take on our cannabis culture?

In this Michigan holiday gift guide, we will uncover a selection of creative and innovative presents that showcase the talent and creativity within the state. From handmade jewelry intricately designed with cannabis motifs to vibrant artwork that captures the essence of Michigan’s cannabis community, there is something for everyone who appreciates the fusion of art and cannabis this season.

Happy shopping!

Sunshine and smoke sessions

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via PinkyChicky on Etsy)

Kicking off the list is a must for Michigan nature lovers at a cost of less than $20 on sale. Introducing the vibrant Hippie Weed Cannabis Suncatcher—the perfect custom gift for herbalists and green-thumbed loved ones who enjoy Michigan’s natural rays.

This suncatcher combines counterculture charm and artistic expression to elevate a ‘Gander’s home decor. With a captivatingly psychedelic cannabis leaf design, it celebrates a love for nature and a holistic lifestyle. Hang it in any sunlit nook to infuse a Mitten space with bohemian flare and a reminder to stay connected with nature.

Get yours ordered in time for the holidays.

The ultimate munchies basket

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via DetroitCanCompany on Etsy)

For Michigan marijuana lovers with a serious case of the munchies, the 2 Gallon Michi-Can Collection is the perfect gift. This supersized can is filled to the brim with mouthwatering snacks sourced from local Michigan businesses, with a focus on those from the Detroit area.

Featuring a variety of treats—including Kar’s Salted Peanuts, Chunk Nibbles Nostalgic Crunchy Snack Mix, Dearborn Brand Mini Sticks, and Motor City Popcorn—this flavorful collection is bound to impress.

Complete with a DCC Custom Coaster, this can is the ultimate gift for Michigan marijuana enthusiasts needing local snack satisfaction.

Browse this goodie basket here.

Stuck-in-traffic brain teaser

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via thecedarlakeworkshop on Etsy)

For stoners who love a good brain teaser and have a soft spot for nostalgia, the Yooper Loop Traffic Pattern puzzle is the perfect present. This compact puzzle challenges players to navigate five copper balls into holes located at the ends of the famous “Yooper Loop” traffic pattern.

With engraved color patterns on the bottom layer and acrylic channels for the balls to roll in, this puzzle combines problem-solving with a touch of an inevitable occurrence: being stuck in traffic. This puzzle captures the essence of driving in Houghton with its one-way roads, merges, and loops.

Buy it here for starting at $25.

Marijuana is for music lovers

For stoners with deep roots in Michigan’s rock and roll scene, the ultimate surprise gift awaits on Etsy.

The limited edition Hash Bash 2018 photo, hand-signed by iconic figures Leni Sinclair and John Sinclair, is a true collector’s item. And it’s just the beginning of this rare treasure trove of ‘Gander goodies.

Originally offered during the annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash, these rare photos capture a moment in time when the weather was a chilly 30 degrees, and John Sinclair had to briefly retreat from the cold.

With only 30 photos in existence, each measuring 11×14″ and numbered individually, owning one of these is a special privilege (when making a purchase, a random numbered photo will be selected for you, ensuring a unique piece of memorabilia from this legendary event).

Own—or give—a rare piece of Michigan history for $250.

Sweet scents and sativas

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide


Celebrate the holiday season with a gift perfect for those looking to unwind and find peace of mind. The Michigan’s Upper Peninsula handmade soy wax candle offers a sensory experience reminiscent of hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of our beloved U.P. Swoon.

This handcrafted candle captures the essence of fresh lake air and immerses the room in the comforting scents of fir needle and cedar forests for great ganja adventures from the comfort of home.

Made with soy wax and sourced from USA products, it’s a true Michigan-lovers gift for relaxing and toking.

Snag this candle at the seasonal sale price of under $10.

Leaves are luxurious

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via Cyberoptix on Etsy)

This classy cannabis pocket square? We think it’s the ultimate elegant gift for the herbalist in your life.

Perfect for attending a stylish wedding, this hanky features a stunning cannabis print that will impress any caregiver, grower, or weed connoisseur. It’s got a great story behind it, too—inspired by a 19th-century German book on medicinal plants. This pocket square comes in bold or tone-on-tone color schemes made to generate conversations.

It’s a hand screen printed in Detroit and made from silky-soft vegan microfiber (or 100% silk) for a luxurious touch.

These styles start in the $25 range.

Up the smoke den game

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via SurePostDesigns on Etsy)

The ultimate addition to a Michigan road trip lover’s home, the carved Interstate 420 Shield Wood Highway Sign is a perfect gift choice. This beautifully handmade marijuana-themed wall hanging adds a unique touch to any smoke lounge, she-shack, or man cave.

Designed to resemble those classic national highway signs, it’s a real attention grabber and conversation starter during your loved one’s next smoke session.

The deets? It’s carved into a 3/4 inch Pine or Aspen Board with a stained front and hand-painted wording and border, and each sign is one-of-a-kind due to the natural variances in the wood.

The shop owner gets rave reviews, too. The artist personally handles every aspect of creating these signs, from picking up the wood to packaging and shipping, and customers have praised the craftsmanship and received many compliments. Win, win, win.

Order yours here for under $30 from this Burton shop.

Ganja is glamorous

Your 2023 Michigan cannabis gift guide

(Photo via VeradisDesignLLC on Etsy)

This handmade Michigan Legalized Weed Pendant is a luxurious gift for someone special who appreciates the glimmer of gold on their ganja leaves.

Made from 18k gold plated brass and sterling silver, it features a 3D printed design with a pot pendant. We think it’s just perfect for showing love for the state of Michigan and marijuana.

It’s our top pick for a splurge at $120 to make someone’s holiday season extra special.

Spoil your special someone.




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