Save the strays: how a new mobile veterinary program is helping Michiganders

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By Lucas Henkel

December 18, 2023

A new mobile veterinary program being developed in Michigan will soon help local animal shelters in underserved communities across the state.

MICHIGAN—Animal shelters across the state are at risk of over-population—which has led some Michiganders to use unique ways to help the state’s furry friends.

Soon, a new collaboration between the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU CVM) will connect veterinary students to animal welfare organizations and local animal shelters in desperate need of veterinary services.

“The community medicine program is designed to better support communities and their need for animal care while enriching the education of future veterinary professionals and ultimately helping pets find their forever homes,” State Veterinarian Nora Wineland said in a press release.

The community medicine program will expand on MSU CVM’s current curriculum by allowing veterinary and veterinary nursing students to gain experience in routine surgeries while assisting overburdened organizations. Students will also provide support for animals receiving spay/neuter services—which has been proven to help reduce overpopulation problems in animal shelters.

“We’re proud to offer these future leaders the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, develop an understanding of local communities statewide, and network with potential future colleagues in the field of shelter medicine all while honing their technical abilities by assisting with the surgical care of animals in need,” said Kelley Meyers, who serves as the director of the MSU Veterinary Medical Center, in a press release.

The three-year program is set to launch in the coming months.

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