9 ganja growing tips from a green-thumbed dad in Michigan

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By Jessica Strachan

January 17, 2024

Your crash course in growing and cultivating your indoor ganja garden.

MICHIGAN—Kurt Z (last name withheld for privacy), a 46-year-old dad of two, has gone from back pain warrior to cannabis-cultivating legend. After a grueling early career in construction around Metro Detroit, he transformed his chronic suffering into an opportunity to help others like him. From construction to cannabis cultivation, Kurt walked us through his top tips as a caregiver and what he suggests for anyone interested in learning to grow and cultivate ganja.

1. Pick the perfect strains

Kurt’s first tip is to choose strains that fit your vibe. Most of his patients (Michigan allows caregivers to serve up to five at a time) often want indica strains, which soothe pain and aches in the body. Whether you’re after pain relief or smashing anxiety, there’s a cannabis strain for every need, and he suggests digging deep into the strain profiles to find the ones that’ll make your patients’ green dreams come true.

2. Start with the good stuff

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Kurt swears by starting with killer seeds or clones from trusted sources. He said that building a strong foundation is crucial, just like finding the perfect playlist for your grow sessions—it won’t be the same without it.

3. Create the right environment

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According to Kurt, setting up the ultimate grow room is key. In fact, he said this is what took the most effort and investment costs and continues to require the most maintenance. He explained that controlling factors like temperature, humidity, and sweet LED lights to create the perfect growing environment is a daily job. But it’s happy plants that make happy stoners, he says.

4. Don’t rush, be patient

Growing cannabis isn’t a race, and it’s patience that, in the end, helps his patients. Kurt says to give your green buddies time to do their thing rather than looking for quick harvests and new cycles. “Don’t be peeking under their leaves every five seconds,” he said with a laugh. Quality bud takes its sweet time.

5. Get nutrient ninja skills

Feeding your plants the right stuff is like giving them the VIP experience. Kurt suggests finding the perfect nutrient balance for your plants, and to do that, he says: “Experiment, experiment, and experiment some more.” Remember, feeding your plants shouldn’t be a buzzkill—it should be a party.

6. Keep an eye out for sneaky pests

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Those little buggers can be real buzzkills, so be on the lookout. Kurt advises regularly inspecting your plant babies for any unexpected invaders. He says aphids are the typical intruder, but inside a Michigan basement grow house, for instance, it’s often the humidity levels that can attract little bugs in the vicinity of the plants.

7. Find your grow crew

Kurt knows the importance of connecting with other growers. Whether it’s online forums or local groups, having a grow crew to bounce ideas off of is essential. Share knowledge, swap stories, and level up together. It’s all about cultivating that weed-growing community.

8. Keep learning, keep growing

Growing herb is a never-ending learning journey. Kurt suggests staying up to date with the latest techniques, tips, and regulations. Attend workshops, read up on blogs, and keep expanding your knowledge. He said he was able to learn most of his inside know-how on YouTube years ago and now stays on top of trends on TikTok. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to growing your green goodness.

9. Toast to your victory

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Last but certainly not least, celebrate your green success, friends. Kurt said his favorite tradition is the first toke and feedback of any harvest, and he never grows tired of that feeling. “You put in the sweat, tears, and love,” he said about his time building his own grow house. Harvest time is like party time—enjoy the fruits of your labor with your crew. Sit back, relax, and soak up the good vibes.




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