Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

By Kyle Kaminski

February 8, 2024

Michiganders know a thing or two about weed—so we asked thousands of them to tell us about their favorite vaporizer cartridges and disposable pens. Here’s what they said.

MICHIGAN—Smoking weed can be a stinky activity. Thankfully, modern technology has evolved, and there is now a wide array of smokeless vaporizer cartridges and disposable pens on the market for Michigan stoners who’d prefer to keep their cannabis consumption on the down-low.

But with so many brands on the market nowadays, shopping has become a bit of a headache. So, we asked MichiGanja Report readers to serve up some recommendations. 

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of you submitted nominations for their all-time favorite vape pens and cartridges. The following list features the 10 brands that were most frequently cited as producing the highest quality vapes on the market in Michigan:

710 Labs

It was no surprise to see this fan-favorite, California-based cannabis brand repeatedly picked among our readers’ favorite vape producers. Last year, MichiGanja Report readers also selected 710 labs as one of the best marijuana brands in the state—so it only makes sense.

What makes 710 Labs so special? Everything they produce is grown organically, without pesticides, and in small, hand-trimmed batches. And that attention to detail makes for a clearly superior product—including an array of potent (and notoriously expensive) concentrates

Heads up: You’ll need to buy 710 Labs’ vape pen to use their proprietary cartridges. 

Batch Extracts

Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

Batch is the in-house vaporizer brand of Bud & Mary’s, a cannabis brand with established operations in Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan—including a single retail location in Portage.

According to its website, the company is passionate about producing high-quality products with a focus on “following Mother Nature and navigating plant genetics” to create “smoothness in the cartridges that you have never experienced before.” MichiGanja Report readers seem to agree.

Breeze Canna

You know those candy-flavored nicotine sticks that every Michigander seems to be puffing on nowadays? They’re called Breeze pens. And if you didn’t know, the same company also makes a weedier version—and MichiGanja Report readers just can’t seem to get enough of them. 

With a wide variety of flavors like fruit punch, strawberry cream, blueberry lemonade, and rainbow sherbet, the company has no shortage of artificially flavored distillate. Perhaps the best part? Every vape pen is disposable, so you can toss it straight in the trash when you’re done.

Common Citizen

Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

This Detroit-based cannabis company grows more than 60 unique strains at its 70-acre greenhouse and farm facility in Marshall. Naturally, that has led to a wide variety of vaporizer cartridges, which MichiGanja Report readers appreciate for both their smoothness and potency.

For easy shopping, the company splits its products into four main categories, depending on the “common state” you’re trying to achieve: Unplug, Daily Dose, Sweet Relief, and Time to Shine. 

Mitten Extracts

Mitten Extracts is another Detroit-based company with a reputation for taking pride in its products—which not only include vape cartridges, but concentrates and edibles, too. 

“Potency, locality, and craft” serve as the foundation for the company’s mission—which is to only “offer only the best to our fellow Michiganders,” its website reads. And according to MichiGanja Report readers, the company has struck a perfect balance between potency and flavor.

MKX Oil Co.

Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

This Michigan cannabis brand was launched in Detroit after its CEO saw firsthand how cannabis oil had helped to shrink his father’s brain tumor. It’s now on a sole mission to “inspire and provoke the human spirit—one person, one gummy, one riff at a time,” according to its website

And according to MichiGanja Report readers who have been personally inspired and provoked by its wide selection of cartridges and disposable pens, the mission is being accomplished.

Muha Meds

Muha Meds didn’t start in Michigan, but Michiganders sure seem to love them anyway.

This company launched in Los Angeles in 2018 and describes itself as “the pinnacle of what cannabis vaping is meant to be.” And according to MichiGanja Report readers, its selection of cartridges and disposable pens are among the dankest you can find in Michigan.

Summit Cannabis

Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

Summit Cannabis is a Colorado-based company that operates a cultivation facility along the north shore of Lake Huron in the Upper Peninsula. According to the company website, it was launched with a “profound appreciation for the positive effects that cannabis brings to the world.”

Last year, MichiGanja Report readers credited this company for growing some of the best weed in Michigan—so it’s no surprise that its solventless vaporizer cartridges are also a fan-favorite.

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Reader’s choice: 8 best weed vapes in Michigan

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