Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via Primitiv_Group on Facebook)

By Jessica Strachan

February 21, 2024

We’re taking a tour to seven vibrant and stigma-shattering cannabis scenes in Michigan, curated by visionary Black entrepreneurs.

MICHIGAN—When you step into a Black-owned cannabis company in Michigan, you’re not just making a purchase—you’re stoking the flames of change and progress in the cannabis industry. 

Here are seven reasons why these establishments are more than just places to buy cannabis products and our recommendations for truly top-tier experiences.

1. Supporting economic equity

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

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The roots of economic disparity run deep in the cannabis industry, especially for Black entrepreneurs. By choosing to shop at Black-owned dispensaries, you actively partake in leveling the playing field and creating pathways for economic empowerment. Your support fuels the growth of Black businesses and fosters a more equitable industry landscape.

Try: Located in Big Rapids, Premiere Provisions is a cannabis store known for its big energy, complimentary gifts on initial visits, and a team of the friendliest budtenders in town. With a stellar rating of 4.7 stars based on 841 reviews by Michiganders, this establishment has earned a reputation for providing exceptional service and creating a welcoming atmosphere for its community. 

We can’t forget to mention the freebies for first-timers and the awesome meet-and-greet of their budtenders online. Give them a call at (231) 629-8188 to chat.

2. Promoting diversity and inclusion

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

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Black-owned dispensaries are vibrant tapestries of diversity, offering not just products but unique narratives and perspectives that enrich the cannabis market in Michigan. A visit to these establishments is a celebration of inclusivity, the beauty of shared experiences, and the richness of different voices coming together in one harmonious space.

Try: Envisioned as a sanctuary for cannabis enthusiasts in Flint, The Sweet Leaf stands out for its unique offering of a music-infused atmosphere, cozy lounge furniture, and seven-day-a-week services. The store provides visitors a welcoming experience to explore premium flowers, delectable edibles, sleek vapes, pipes, and papers at your leisure.

They guarantee the lowest prices around—and no gimmicks, extra fees, or additional taxes on their listing prices. Browse the bargains here.

3. Advancing social justice

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via Midwest CannaNurses)

Every visit to a Black-owned business is a step towards social justice and equity within the cannabis sector. These businesses are at the forefront of advocating for fairness and equity, striving to correct historical wrongs and create a more just environment for all participants. Your support actively contributes to this crucial mission.

Try: The visionary nurses behind Midwest CannaNurses, Biyya A. Lee and Ebony Smith, have been dedicated to transforming cannabis access in Black and brown communities. Midwest CannaNurses bridges the gap between healthcare and cannabis, promoting safe and effective plant-based therapy. But their work goes so much deeper than that; the CannaNurses are passionate advocates for de-stigmatizing cannabis in urban and communities of color, breaking barriers, and providing care with compassion.

Check out the incredible community resources they offer—all geared towards a more inclusive and accessible cannabis culture—at

4. Empowerment

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via Primitiv_Group on Facebook)

Black-owned dispensaries are more than retail outlets—they are beacons of strength. Supporting these establishments doesn’t just grant you access to premium products; it also fuels community initiatives, bolstering local development and empowerment efforts. Your visit is a vote of confidence in community strength and solidarity.

Try: Primitiv Group Niles is a cannabis and research company founded by former NFL teammates Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Rob Sims. They didn’t want to just set up shop. They bring a personal approach to the cause of medicinal cannabis and the plant’s natural health benefits—rooted in their own experiences as athletes. 

Read more about their research or give them a call at (269) 340-5318.

5. Celebrating cultural representation

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via House of Zen on Weedmaps)

Step into a Black-owned dispensary, and you’ll find a space where cultural heritage thrives and values are honored. These establishments encapsulate the cultural richness of Michigan, offering a platform where diverse heritage and narrative are proudly displayed. Your engagement with these dispensaries supports the visibility of various cultural voices, emphasizing the importance of representation in the cannabis market.

Try: House of Zen, a Black-owned and women-led Detroit dispensary that blends tranquility with empowerment. This family-owned business, led by Sisters Teri and Jacqueline and daughters Alexandra and Diamond, is actively involved in community outreach and education.

Check them out online or call (313) 332-1733.

6. Fostering innovation and creativity

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via BLK Sapote on Facebook)

Black-owned dispensaries in Michigan are hotbeds of innovation and creativity, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the cannabis industry. Your visit contributes to the cultivation of inventive solutions and entrepreneurial endeavors, fueling a culture of forward-thinking excellence within the community.

Try: BLK Sapote is more than a cannabis brand; it’s a movement towards wellness, opportunity, and authenticity. Founded by Ashley Parks and Courtnie Pierce, BLK Sapote offers a unique no-smoke cannabis experience through hemp teas, expanding the traditional views of cannabis consumption.

Join the “High Tribe” and explore a world where intention, purpose, and inclusivity shape the cannabis community in Michigan.

7. Building stronger communities

Your guide to Black-owned cannabis companies in Michigan

(Image via Calyxeum on Facebook)

Beyond commerce, Black-owned companies stand as pillars of community strength and unity. By supporting these establishments, you actively contribute to creating resilient neighborhoods where collaboration and support thrive. Your patronage is pivotal in fostering community cohesion and unity, making Michigan a more vibrant and connected place to live.

Try: Calyxeum is a pioneering medical cannabis business in Detroit’s 7th District, owned and led by Latoyia Rucker and Rebecca Colett. Calyxeum is breaking barriers and reshaping the cannabis industry with a focus on diversity and empowerment. By challenging myths and perceptions, Calyxeum is championing women, community, and inclusivity, setting new standards for professionalism in the cannabis world. 

With their own 501c3 arm—alongside partners in the community—they are committed to making a positive impact through programs for home repairs, after-school activities, workforce opportunities, and a community garden.




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