A Michigan budtender answers your cannabis questions

By Jessica Strachan

February 27, 2024

These questions have crossed the minds of many—we found the perfect person to answer them bluntly.

MICHIGAN—Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or just getting started, there’s surely a thing or two you’re wondering about weed.

Meet Cameron Burgess—a charismatic Farmington Hills native known for his cheeky and candid personality who has made a name for himself at Michigan’s Finest, a Wayne County family-owned dispensary.

We met up with Burgess for a unique Q&A session on all things cannabis.

From the ins and outs of different strains and their effects to the latest trends in the cannabis world, he is the go-to guy for all your burning questions.

A Michigan budtender answers your cannabis questions

Cameron Burgess. (Courtesy image)

What’s a budtender, really?

“Budtender,” [laughs] it’s a thing. It’s cool, but we don’t call ourselves that. I’m a cannabis consultant. Because, you know, I’m consulting about cannabis.

How can I remember the difference between sativa and indica? 

Easiest way I like to do it is, “indica, is in da couch.” If it’s not labeled, you can often guess by smell; sativas, a lot of times, have a more gasoline-like smell. Indica is typically sweeter smelling.

Why do people smell bud? When I sniff a strain, what am I sniffing for?

Good smell. It’s one of the biggest main actors for me. I don’t wanna just be smoking something to smoke something; I go for taste and smell. I don’t want to put it out halfway because it tastes bad. Turps (turpentines) is where you’re gonna actually know how high you get. A lot of people think they are smelling THC, but that THC doesn’t taste or smell. Turps do.

What’s the legal way to drive home with my new products after visiting a dispensary? 

Thank the law we don’t have the issue of having to lock it up. As long as you’re not smoking and driving, you’re good. Now I’ll be real. When you shop here, it’s already bagged up. It’s not gonna be super stinky dinky. We carry sealed, smell-proof brands that are pre-packaged, and there will be a receipt on the bag. So you won’t be driving back smelling loud. 

Can I smoke marijuana and still be productive? 

One hundred percent. Definitely. Outside of here, I am a videographer, and smoking helps me get into that zone where I want to produce and keep working on my craft. Not that I can’t do it without it, but it’s a good boost. Smoking a good sativa to start the day will have you on a good daytime marathon. I wouldn’t smoke something indica-dominant because if you’re trying to be productive, you’ll want something more head-based. 

Is it possible to smoke too much marijuana and, like, overdose?

I haven’t seen that happen in the 10 years that I’ve been smoking. But you can get uncomfortable if you smoke too much. I’ll be real; it’s happened to me twice since I’ve been a smoker. But being in a dispensary and understanding the product on hand and what you’re smoking—that’s the biggest difference now. We didn’t have that back then. We used to smoke what we got. Now we have a menu with the tastes and effects, and it eliminates that uncomfortability factor a lot.

But in the event that I get too high, what should I do?

Drink some water. Sit down. Try to relax. I like to watch some of my favorite comfort shows, like Spongebob—that’s the best show. Try not to do too much. If you’re new, it’s best to smoke at home, not in a public setting. Oh, and eat some good food. That will help, too.

Those CBD pet products, will they send my dog on a trip?

No. They are CBD-based, so there’s no high. There’s no THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) in them, so it’s more so a muscle relaxer. If your puppy is in pain or constantly loud, it could help. But they won’t be high or sitting there drooling all day long. It’s just a little help to get them through their day without being so wound up.

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I’ve got a big passion project. What would you recommend for a creative burst?

I’m a huge fan of concentrates for creative bursts. Humble Bee has really good live resin at a fair price. People don’t dab often, but if I’m going to get in the zone and don’t want to smoke a whole joint, I’ll get that instant feel-good creative buzz with a live resin. 

What’s the best thing for watching movies or binge-watching TV shows?

Gummies. I’m a huge fan of Magic Gummies. Sometimes edibles don’t work, but we have ones 50mg each; you eat one and go about your night. If you don’t have a high tolerance, cut it in half. Magic is the way to go to kick back and have a night in. 

What about the best thing for spring cleaning? 

Definitely a sativa, and flower. You don’t want an edible here; you’ll want to smoke. Grown Rogue is a super tasty brand, and their flower is premium. The best is the strain Limone. I usually don’t like lemony weed, but something about that one keeps me going through the day.

Any music recommendations for our next sesh?

Sade. Sade is my favorite artist ever. The most beautiful voice ever. Every song. 

Is it true that weed can make food taste even better?

Ehh. You can ask every smoker that question—we’ll all have a different answer. I don’t have to smoke to eat, but a lot of people are like that, though. It might not taste better, but you’ll sure have the munchies.

What will boost my appetite? Like, win-an-eating-contest munchies?

Gummies will make you want to eat your whole entire fridge. Yeah, gummies might even make food taste better now that I think of it.

Best Michigan-made munchies meal while high?

Superman ice cream. I didn’t know that was a Michigan thing until like two, three years ago. And Vernors. I would die for Vernors. I’d give them my entire life savings. I love Vernors.




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