POTartz: The Michigan-made THC edible for microdosing on the go

By Karel Vega

May 15, 2024

Interested in microdosing? POTartz will be your perfect companion.

As The MichiGanja Report’s self-proclaimed “lightweight correspondent,” I’m always on the lookout for products that let me partake in the wonders of cannabis without getting too stoned.

Last summer, I wrote about Potdots (recently renamed Potpots under the threat of a lawsuit by Tootsie Roll Industries)—the M&M-like 1-milligram THC candies that helped me ease back into the world of edibles.

Since then, I’ve dabbled with other edibles here and there, but nothing has come close to matching the convenience of my “daily driver,” Potpots.

That is, until, on a recent trip to my local dispensary, I took a closer look at another Michigan-made edible—POTartz from Jackson-based CLDD, LLC. And boy, do I have a new microdosing favorite.

POTartz: The Michigan-made THC edible for microdosing on the go

(Image courtesy of CLDD, LLC)

What’s microdosing?

For the uninitiated, let’s start with a primer on microdosing. Although the cannabis plant is made up of several compounds, the one we’ll be talking about today is tetrahydrocannabinol—better known as THC. It’s the one most people think about when it comes to the “high” of cannabis, and it’s the one you’ll primarily see measured on your edibles.

If you think of a “standard” edible dose—the most popular single dose from manufacturers by far—as about 10 milligrams, a microdose must fall somewhere below that. It should be at a level where the effects of cannabis are just barely noticeable to many people; this will vary from person to person, but with me, for example, it’s between half a milligram and 5 mg per dose.

There are many reasons why someone would choose to microdose. Among them are a better understanding of your cannabis limitations, improved sleep, improved mood, and simply just getting a nice mild high.

The product

POTartz have been in the market for some time now, though it’s taken me a while to give them a shot (I’ve been almost exclusively jamming on Potpots for nearly a year, after all). But this product immediately ticked all the boxes I look for in a perfect edible—a 1-milligram dose per piece, 200 pieces per bag, and styled after a popular fruity candy.

POTartz come in two sizes—a 200-piece bag that retails for about $20 and a smaller 25-piece package for around $4. In my opinion, it’s a great deal for what you’re getting.

And right there, on the package, I read the magic words: “Perfect for Microdosing.”

I checked out with my newly purchased 200-piece bag and immediately raced home to begin trying them.

Starting with the packaging, CLDD, LLC did a great job of drawing your eyes to POTartz while providing the necessary information—the number of pieces it includes, milligrams per piece, and the activation time, which is listed here as 30 minutes. The packaging is nice and flashy, like most edibles, so yes, keep this very, very far away from kids. It also comes with that sturdy, resealable plastic zipper you usually see on these products.

The tartz are also sugar-free if that’s something that matters to you (sweetened with sorbitol, based on the nutrition facts).

Onto the tartz themselves, they are incredibly reminiscent of the classic SweeTARTS candies that they are inspired by. Each pastel-colored piece is quite small, about 75% the size of a penny. The pieces are also quite hardy—they definitely won’t break up in the bag if you choose to bring them along for an outdoor adventure. I’ve carried the 200-piece bag in my disc golf bag for several adventures, and unlike some more crumbly edibles—think cookies or brownies—these little pieces are great on the move.

POTartz: The Michigan-made THC edible for microdosing on the go

An assortment of POTartz in a small bowl. (Image via Karel Vega)

One minor drawback to the tartz’s hardiness is that they are difficult to break in half. A lot of folks interested in microdosing like to take things by half milligrams, and these pieces are not the best suited for that.

True to their name, the moment you pop a POTart into your mouth, you’re greeted by a deliciously sweet and slightly sour taste. The pieces quickly melt in your mouth, leaving a fruity aftertaste. They’re so good it’s tempting not to snack on another one immediately. I rank the flavor near the top of my list of edibles I’ve tried.


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are—like me not too long ago—curious about getting your feet wet with edibles, but are a little hesitant about what that first experience will be like.

With that in mind, I set out to perform the brave task of testing what ramping up the POTartz dosage is like milligram by milligram, to give you a play-by-play. To try to keep things as fair as possible, I waited at least until the following day to ramp up my dosage. Since we are microdosing, I elected to stop at five milligrams.

After trying the different amounts, I’ve determined you can break the experiences up into 3 “microdosing” tiers: 1mg, between 2-3 mg, and between 4-5 mg. I didn’t experience a big enough difference to separate the doses at these ranges so I’ll be grouping them together.

It probably goes without saying that if you are an experienced cannabis consumer, these ranges won’t do much for you. I suggest checking out our reader-recommended list of the best cannabis-infused edibles in Michigan.

One last note: All bodies are different, and these were just my personal experiences, so your mileage may vary.

1 mg: The non-dose

I started my testing after work one day with the lowest possible dose of one milligram. I waited 30 minutes and felt…honestly, nothing much at all. Even if you’re the rookiest of rookies when it comes to weed, I don’t know if you’ll truly feel anything at this level.

2 mg – 3 mg: Mild body high

Here is where things start to get fun. After about 45 minutes from ingestion at this range, my eyes got that warm, fuzzy tingle. I also had an increased sense of calm. Things just felt more pleasant overall. The feeling was very mild, but I had a great time. At this dosage range, the feeling is more of a body high than anything. I never felt overly introspective and in my head about things (which tends to happen to me at higher edible doses). This is my favorite level for relaxing after work if you still want to feel “present.” I recommend starting at two mg and waiting to see how you feel after an hour before ramping up to three mg.

This is also a perfect dose to take before bed to lull you into a cozy sleep.

4 mg – 5 mg: Gateway to stoned

This is about half of that “standard” THC edible dose we mentioned earlier. At this level, you’ll definitely start feeling something. For newcomers, I would consider this the verge of jumping from microdosing to getting those true stoned effects—cotton mouth and at least a mild euphoria are all but guaranteed here. You might start feeling extra introspective, but not in an overwhelming sense, and music starts sounding way, way better.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to begin exploring cannabis, you can’t go wrong with POTartz. Start with one or two, then kick it up a notch until you reach your comfort level.

With their size and small profile, they are also great for bringing along on the move; you can even fit a few in your pocket for when you need a little pick-me-up.

I highly recommend checking out this product. Find POTartz near you here.



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