The 3 best burritos in Grand Rapids, according to readers

A burrito smothered in red sauce and yellow cheese topped with cilantro.

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By Stacy Rounds

May 8, 2024

Wet, dry, seared, or fried, who has the best burrito in Grand Rapids? Thanks to our recent reader’s poll, we have the answer! From classic flavors to innovative twists, grab your fork and get ready to dig in as we explore your top picks for the best burrito in Grand Rapids in 2024.

A burrito on a white plate covered in red sauce, white cheese, and green herbs.

Courtesy of Lindo Mexico

3. Lindo Mexico

Burrito lovers, don’t you wish every restaurant had an entire page on their menu dedicated to burritos? Lindo Mexico has one, and you can order each of their delicious recipes wet, dry, as a meal, or a la carte. Every burrito here is a masterpiece, whether you prefer traditional beef, marinated pork, chicken, or veggies. And every combination of flavors is exciting and new.

But Lindo Mexico isn’t just about the amazing burritos. They have a rocking happy hour with cold beer and fresh margarita specials. And their Taco Tuesdays can’t be beat. You get to taste a new taco-of-the-day special paired with a beverage, chips, and salsa.

Lindo Mexico doesn’t serve boring food. There is no cookie-cutter stuff on this menu. It’s an adventure! Innovation meets tradition in the most delicious way possible, offering a fresh take on the classic burrito, tacos, sopes, and more. So come, take a seat, and let Lindo Mexico take you on a journey where the flavors of the past and the possibilities of the future blend seamlessly.

A burrito covered in queso cheese sauce with rice and beans on a red plate.

Courtesy of Tacos el Cunado

2. Tacos el Cuñando

Tacos el Cuñando is beloved by locals and visitors in the know for serving up authentic Mexican that’s lovingly prepared. They know how to balance the flavors and textures that make a burrito chef’s kiss perfect. The magic begins with their handmade tortillas. Add in the freshest ingredients and the precise blend of spices that season the fillings, and viola – amazing burrito.

What sets Tacos el Cuñando apart is their willingness to experiment with their menu. This is no cookie-cutter Mexican eatery. They offer everything from a kids’ menu for picky eaters to a pancake breakfast to succulent dinners. But their wet burrito stands out among the selections for its massive size and secret recipe cheese sauce topping. With twelve inches of fully-stuffed burrito goodness and delectable sides, this burrito is twelve dollars well spent.

As you savor each bite, you’ll understand why Tacos el Cuñando is one of our readers’ top choices. With several locations around Grand Rapids, Tacos el Cuñando offers a burst of authentic flavors at prices that will fit most budgets.

A giant burrito smothered in red sauce and yellow cheese.

Courtesy of Beltline Bar

1. The Beltline Bar

Your favorite burrito overall comes from the Beltline Bar! That’s no surprise, since this seventy-year-old establishment is the birthplace of the wet burrito. Beloved among locals, The Beltline Bar has long been drawing in crowds eager to wrap their hands around a cold margarita, a hot burrito, flautas, tacos, and more amazing treats.

Every one of their eleven wet burritos is something to write home about, but The Famous Wet Burrito seems to be the favorite among Grand Rapids foodies. But there is also a gluten-free version of the original Famous, a delightful grilled fajita burrito, and even a veggie option. The Beltline understands the essence of a burrito – the harmony of flavors, the quality of ingredients, and the joy of sharing good food with good people. They offer a diverse menu that respects tradition while embracing the preferences of a modern palate.

Whether it’s a quick lunch break, a casual dinner, or a late-night craving, The Beltline Bar has become a go-to destination. It’s a spot where locals and visitors can gather and enjoy a meal together or grab a quick bite to go. In the quest for the best burrito in Grand Rapids, The Beltline Bar wins top choice for being the OG while embracing modern flavors and offering affordable prices.



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