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Holiday Wishlist: 9 Affordable Michigan-Made Gifts

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. We get it.

6 Card Games That Michiganders Just Can’t Seem to Stop Playing

Card games are always in style—especially in the colder months when you’re looking to stay warm inside. And you can never go wrong with six card games that all Michiganders seem to love.

Frank Zappa performs in 1971. (Heinrich Klaffs via Wikimedia Commons)
K’zoo Jams: 12 Popular Songs That Reference the City of Kalamazoo

In the music world, the unusual name of Kalamazoo has become a versatile tool for a variety of lyrics—and a popular metonym to refer to more exotic places, even if Kalamazoo isn’t so exotic itself. It’s a Michigan city, but it’s also now a big piece of lyrical Americana. 

Kalamazoo had easy rail access to cities like Chicago and Detroit. (Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership)
Guitars, Corsets, and Kzoo: Kalamazoo’s Industrial History is Cooler Than You Think

Kalamazoo is filled with factories—and it’s an industrial legacy that didn’t grow overnight. Back when railroads were a dominant form of transportation in Michigan, Kalamazoo made a name for itself as the “Crossroads of Southwest Michigan.”

The victim was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her name was not immediately released.
Kalamazoo Man Faces Homicide Charge After Running Over Woman in Parking Lot

A southwestern Michigan man was charged with homicide after intentionally running over a 65-year-old woman in a Walmart parking lot.

If convicted of the arson charge, Brereton faces a minimum of five (but up to 20) years in prison.
Man Charged in Planned Parenthood Clinic Fire in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO—A man who made a video describing abortion as genocide was arrested for a fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in southwestern Michigan, authorities said Thursday. Joshua Brereton, 25, of Paw Paw was charged in federal court with committing arson at an organization that receives government money. Fire was set Sunday with fuel and a...

A woman takes a photo of lightning striking as dark storm clouds roll over Lake Michigan. (Mark Olsen via Unsplash)
Storms Knock Out Power to More than 100,000 Across Michigan

Severe thunderstorms left more than 100,000 customers across Michigan without power, utilities reported Wednesday.