These 7 Michigan Mom Blogs Have a Little Something for Everyone

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By Lisa Green

April 13, 2022

Whether you’re looking for home projects, fashion advice, or just a community of Michigan moms, you’ll find everything you need with these local blogs.

MICHIGAN—When someone chooses to become a mother, it’s often a lonely task with plenty of uncertainty. Luckily, the online world offers the community of “mommy blogs.”

Online blogs are great at providing a wide variety of information for the modern parent. Blogs vary widely in content, including recipes, fashion advice, organization tips, and product advice. However, blogs often go deeper still, tackling heavier issues such as marriage satisfaction, mental health, child loss, and chronic illness and neurodevelopmental disorders. Moms have to wear many hats, and mom blogs often reflect these many tasks in a way that helps parents feel less alone.

Ready to subscribe to a blog or two? We’ve assembled a list of prominent Michigander parent blogs with content you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Michigan Mama News

Publisher/Blogger: Lindsey Jenn Clair

Michigan Mama News is an online blog magazine covering a broad category of Michigan locations and beyond. Founder and publisher Lindsey Jenn Clair has rounded up a full team of contributors to offer content in categories such as wellness, recipes, homeschooling, travel, arts and crafts, pets, and more. Michigan Mama News has a little something for every reader, including dads!

Visit the Michigan Mama News blog. Also check Michigan Mama News out on Instagram or Facebook.

Glamorous Moms

Location: Rochester, MI
Blogger: Shannon Lazovski

What started as a beauty blog hobby for Shannon Lazovski has since turned into an entire non-profit empire, offering support and charity to mothers everywhere. It has also spawned its own beauty line, Glameselle, which donates a portion of profits to the Glamorous Moms Foundation. The primary content of Glamorous Moms hasn’t changed; beauty and fashion still lead the pack with inspiration and tips for stylish moms. However, Lazovski also has quite a few posts about travel, recommending her 10 favorite restaurants in major cities such as Dallas, Cleveland, and Las Vegas. 

Visit the Glamorous Moms blog and the Glamorous Moms Foundation. Also check the Glamorous Moms out on Instagram or Facebook.

Eat Travel Life

Location: Saint Johns, MI
Blogger: Regina Sober

Down-to-earth Mid-Michigan mom Regina Sober cultivates her lifestyle blog with, well, everything that makes her life meaningful. At Eat Travel Life, readers will find simple recipes, home renovations and DIY, travel info, garden advice, canning information, printables, and so much more. She’s also assembled a cadre of roadside attractions and hotspots from her trips around the Great Lakes with her husband and two teens.

Visit the Eat Travel Life blog. Also check Eat Travel Life out on Instagram or Facebook.

Slay At Home Mother

Location: Brighton, MI
Blogger: Corinne Burghardt

If well-organized spaces get you giddy, you’ll love Corinne Burghardt’s work. The Slay At Home Mother blog is focused on home organization and cleaning, with plenty of hacks, DIY, and the occasional recipe. Corrine’s blog is chock-full of product links and recommendations to make decluttering and organizing your home a breeze. There is also a line of Slay At Home Planners, both digital and printables, to help busy parents organize their minds, too.

Visit the Slay At Home Mother blog and its linktree for printables and product links. Also check Slay At Home Mother out on Instagram or Facebook.

Coupon Savvy Sarah

Location: Flint, MI
Blogger: Sarah Muennix

Sarah Muennix is a mom who understands parenting isn’t just tough—it gets expensive too. Luckily, she’s the master of giveaways, deals, and reviews for all the stuff families need. She curates yearly gift guides families will love, from Christmas to Easter, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Back to School, and everything in between. Also check out her travel recaps around Michigan and beyond!

Visit the Coupon Savvy Sarah blog. Also check Coupon Savvy Sarah out on Instagram or Facebook.

Plus-Size Beauty and Fashion Advice from Kendall Rayburn

Location: Detroit, MI
Blogger: Kendall Rayburn

Any woman whose clothing sizes fall in the “Plus Size” category knows the struggle of finding outfits that not only fit, but are also a style you’d actually want. Kendall Rayburn knows the plus-size fashion world and models these styles with confidence and enthusiasm, proving plus-sized moms don’t have to sacrifice their fashion sense. In addition to size-inclusive fashion links and photos, Rayburn blogs about the everyday experiences of her family, such as her struggle with endometriosis and tips for parenting an autistic child. The blog also includes family activities, DIY, decor, and much more.

Visit Kendall Rayburn’s blog. Also check Kendall’s brand out on Instagram or Facebook.

Jillgg / Good Life

Location: West Michigan
Blogger: Jill Gott-Gleason

Jill Gott-Gleason is determined to help you find your personal style to make getting dressed each morning easy, fun, and within your budget. Her Good Life blog is primarily a fashion blog, with plenty of styles perfect for accommodating Michigan’s mercurial weather patterns. Jill gives top-notch fashion recommendations for both season and occasion, with advice on how to wear pieces multiple ways. But fashion isn’t everything to Jill’s Good Life! She also routinely talks about her home, home decor, and even recommends books!
Visit the Good Life blog. Also check the Good Life out on Instagram or Facebook.


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