12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 

Secluded forest getaways have soared in popularity on Airbnb.

By Lisa Green

July 26, 2022

Tired of hotel booking boredom? With treehouses, historic buildings and vintage campers available across Michigan, you may never again want to book a stay at a normal hotel.

MICHIGAN—Remote forest vacation stays through Airbnb are in. And considering Michigan’s abundant forests cover over 18 million acres, that’s good news for ‘Ganders.

Airbnb is an online marketplace of vacation rentals, typically run by local residents. Guest bedroom suites, cabins, and beach houses are among the most popular options. And these days, isolated forest getaways are trending across short-term rental wishlists nationwide.

Other than just the cute treehouses, there’s a wealth of one-of-a-kind Airbnb rentals across Michigan. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, weekend with friends, family vacation, or a staycation down the street, here are some of the most unique properties to rent in the Mitten:

Maple Haven Tree House (South Haven)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Maple Haven Tree House (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 5

Rates From: $207/Night

One of Michigan’s most popular treehouse Airbnbs tops the charts for a reason: This private home on the shore of Lake Michigan has plentiful trees, gorgeous views, and all the outdoor recreation your family could ever want. The rental includes access to the whole house, as well as private beach access, fire pit, private patio with grill for barbecuing, and much more. 

Find more details here

The Art House (Suttons Bay)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
The Art House (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 2

Rates From: $135/Night

This cozy communal space on the Leelanau Peninsula is perfect for both art lovers and free spirits. The Art House is a bohemian boarding house centered around all things art, with art workshops and parties hosted onsite. The house includes three unique rentals, including a treehouse suite. Guests are also treated to complimentary sangria from local wineries.

Rental options include the Frida Kahlo Suite, the Art Gallery, and the Bird’s Nest

Northwind Llama Retreat (Sawyer)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Northwind Llama Retreat (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 2-5

Rates From: $161/Night

From Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove to other films like Napoleon Dynamite, llamas have shown themselves to be both adorable and humorous—not to mention popular with kids. 

With that in mind, spending a few nights at a llama farm sounds incredible.

This 18-acre llama ranch in southwest Michigan offers guests a chance to meet and interact with the farm’s resident llamas, take a walk by the outdoor pond, center themselves in the meditation area, or just soak in Michigan’s gorgeous farmland. The farm features four different rustic rentals, with three one-bedroom rentals and a farmhouse for up to five guests.

Check out Northwind Llama Retreat rentals via the Airbnb page—including the Chicken Coop, Loft Cottage, Red Barn, and Farm House. Find more details on the Facebook page.

Rupprecht Homestead (Frankenmuth)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Rupprecht Homestead (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 11

Rates From: $375/Night

Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” of Frankenmuth might be well-known for its traditional German aesthetic, but this homestead in the heart of downtown Frankenmuth has a vintage 50s feel that compliments Frankenmuth’s historic old-world vibes. Guests have access to the entire four-bedroom home, which is decked out in pastel appliances and furniture, appropriate for the time period of the 1950s. But don’t let that fool you: The home includes all the luxuries of the modern age, including five televisions, jacuzzi tub, free Wi-Fi, and a video game system.

Find detail here.

The Caterpillar (Detroit)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
The Caterpillar (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 2

Rates From: $186/Night

The Caterpillar stands out among Detroit’s already-impressive Airbnb listings because, well, it’s unique. The Caterpillar can be found close to Detroit’s Corktown, and the spherical dome-shaped roof makes it hard to miss. The rounded architecture is also observable from the interior as well, extending above the interior walls and providing skylights. The interior features masterful design, with many furnishings either found or made in Detroit. Guests will enjoy both renewal and inspiration in the bright space—along with a fully-equipped kitchen.

Find more details at the Airbnb listing or on Instagram.

Beachmobile Bus (West Michigan)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Beachmobile Bus (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 6

Rates From: $93/Night (plus campsite fees)

Social media may have the RV lifestyle trending, but in Michigan, you can try out that aesthetic without committing to the road full-time. In fact, with rentals such as this painted bus, you can customize your vacation by bringing it to a campsite of your choice. The host is local to Grand Haven and delivers locally, but also can provide the bus to any suitable location across the West Michigan area for a small fee. The Beachmobile is a fully renovated bus formerly known as the Bookmobile, with tons of bunk bed space for sleeping and all the camping equipment you could need. True to its name, the Beachmobile is perfect for parking at beaches such as Holland State Park, so you can live out all your beach life fantasies.

Find the listing here.

1959 Airstream Pacer Camper (Northern Michigan)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
1959 Airstream Pacer Camper (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 4

Rates From: $150/Night, plus campsite fees

Buses on the beach aren’t your only option in Michigan for living the RV lifestyle. This vintage camper (local to the Traverse City area) provides the perfect, low-maintenance camping getaway—just add clothes, bedding, towels, and food. This 18-foot classic has everything else a family of four might need. You can even customize your trip by arranging delivery at any of northwest Michigan’s scenic forests, beaches, and campgrounds. 

Find more details here

Eagle River Lighthouse (Eagle River)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Eagle River Lighthouse (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 6

Rates From: $500/Night

Michigan has more than 100 lighthouses built on its abundant freshwater coastline. Most are automated, making lighthouse keepers a thing of the past. However, at this lighthouse in the Keweenaw Peninsula overlooking Lake Superior, you can recreate the vintage experience of the lighthouse keepers of old—and without sacrificing any of the more modern comforts.

The Eagle River Lighthouse has been restored from its original 1850s architecture to include three bedrooms, a four-season sunroom, gourmet kitchen, and more. The entire lighthouse features lakeside views and is bookable for week-long stays in the Upper Peninsula.

Find the listing here

Tidy Whitey Houseboat (Saugatuck/Douglas)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Tidy Whitey Houseboat (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 3

Rates From: $327/Night

With the longest freshwater coastline in the country, it only makes sense to stay on the water—or in it. This 43-foot houseboat gives you all the upscale amenities you’d expect of luxury condo living without leaving the Great Lakes, including a full bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. There’s also space to catch some rays in the shaded gazebo or top lido deck.

More details can be found here

The Painted House (Detroit)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
The Painted House (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 10

Rates From: $279/Night

The Painted House in Detroit’s Eastern Market was originally an experimental project from architecture students at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. The tiny, 900-square foot cinder block home features three bedrooms, though it can accommodate 10 guests. The open floor plan is intelligently designed for minimal space and maximum ventilation without sacrificing too much privacy. Be sure to check out the unique art filling the home and nearby garden.

Find the listing here

Historic Suite at Village at Grand Traverse Commons (Traverse City)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
The Village at Grand Traverse Commons (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 3

Rates From: $316/Night

The Grand Traverse Commons once served as a hospital complex, but has since been fully renovated into a shopping and dining hotspot. Among the modern renovations is this 450-square foot loft condo two floors above the public commercial space. But even after renovations, the elegant 19th-century charm persists in the windows overlooking the grounds—reminiscent of a patient’s view of the outside world several decades ago. Luckily, you can now make convenient use of amenities such as a modern kitchen and elevator.

Find more details on the listing

Honor & Folly Neighborhood Inn (Detroit)

12 Noteworthy Michigan Airbnbs for an Unforgettable Getaway 
Honor & Folly Neighborhood Inn (photo via Airbnb)

Maximum Occupancy: 4

Rates From: $225/Night

If you’re a fan of fantasy literature, television, or video games, then you’re no stranger to the concept of the tavern. Weary travelers booking a room above a rustic restaurant may be a fantasy genre staple, but at this Airbnb in Detroit’s Corktown, it’s more of a real lifestyle. 

Describing itself as a “neighborhood inn,” this Airbnb features lodging directly above Slows BBQ, a well-known Detroit restaurant with rustic digs. The two bedrooms feature historic brick architecture. The cozy space is also design-focused, with decor from Detroit and Midwest-based designers. It also features a fully stocked kitchen and outdoor balcony.

More information on the rental can be found here


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