Michigan Wishlist: 9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas from Kalamazoo

By Nokomis Clarey-Schultz

December 6, 2022

MICHIGAN—Finding the perfect gift for your favorite Michigander can be tough—we get it. So we’re here to help, with a series of gift guides designed to delight everyone on your list. These aren’t just any big box store suggestions. They’re all unique products made right here in Michigan…specifically, this guide is all about products made or sold in Kalamazoo. Click here to find gift guides for makers and sellers in cities across the Mitten, like Traverse City, Muskegon, Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Lansing and Grand Rapids. And by supporting the locally owned businesses that sell them, they’re all gifts that’ll keep on giving.

Zig Zag Cup  ($24 from Tiny Giant Farm) 

(Courtesy/Tiny Giant Farm)

This adorable cup would be great as a drinking glass, or as a home for a small plant. 

Clay Earrings ($28 from Shamus Handmade) 

(Courtesy/Shamus Handmade)

These polymer clay earrings come in a ton of different colors, and a variety of other styles.

Smitten Candle ($19 from Kalamazoo Candle) 

(Courtesy/Kalamazoo Candle Co.)

This 100% natural soy wax candle is supposed to smell like “sunshine daydreams”—which is described as a soft, sweet blend of floaty florals and citrus, smoothed over by creamy vanilla. 

Charcuterie Gift Card ($15 from The Grazing Table) 

(Courtesy/The Grazing Table)

Add this to the list for the foodie in your life—and let them pick out all the unique preserves, syrups, nuts, crackers, and more for their own charcuterie board. They come pre-made, too.

Bandwagon Sunglasses ($69 from Curate and Company) 

(Courtesy/Curate and Company)

These classic sunglasses with a modern twist feature a sleek frame and polarized lenses—making them a stylish and practical choice for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

‘Drinks Date’ Truffles ($18 from Confections with Convictions) 

(Courtesy/Confections with Convictions)

Who wouldn’t want a box of chocolates inspired by your favorite drinks? With truffles that taste like an old fashioned, merlot, or champagne, these treats are sure to surprise your tastebuds. 

Day Pass ($25 at Climb Kalamazoo) 

(Courtesy/Climb Kalamazoo)

Looking to give the gift of an experience? Buy your friends some gift cards to Climb Kalamazoo for rock climbing experiences for all ages. Full-day passes (with all the gear) start at only $25. 

Blueberry Liqueur ($52 from Green Door Distilling Co.) 

(Courtesy/Green Door Distilling Co.)

Green Door Distilling only uses high-quality ingredients for this special liqueur blend—including  lavender, clove, lemon peel, and, of course, fresh Michigan Blueberries. It tastes delicious all on its own, but it’s also a quick and easy way to elevate just about any cocktail of your choosing. 

Oberon Cornhole Boards ($280 from Bell’s Brewery) 

(Courtesy/Bell’s Brewery)

All Michiganders know: On a hot summer day, nothing beats a cold Oberon. Now you can celebrate the state’s favorite summer brew with one of Michigan’s favorite summer pastimes.

Editor’s Note: The prices for each item featured in this guide were checked for accuracy on Dec. 6. With constantly rotating sales, they’re always subject to change. 


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