Family-Owned Pot Shop Brings Big Business to Small Michigan Town

Ronda Liskey (left) poses with budtender Jeremiah Rose, daughter-in-law Kaitlyn Liskey, and son Roy Liskey. (Courtesy Photo)

By Kyle Kaminski

January 24, 2023

MichiGanja Highlight: Local Roots Cannabis Co. 

LAINGSBURG—There’s something wonderful about small town life, especially when that small town is in Michigan. That endearing sense of friendliness known as “Midwest Nice” is on full display across the state—but nowhere is it more obvious than within our smaller cities and towns.

And as it turns out, that small-town charm pairs exceptionally well with weed.

In 2021, lifelong Michigander Roy Liskey and his mother Ronda—a former medical marijuana caregiver—decided to venture into recreational cannabis with one simple goal in mind: to bring high-quality, affordable and friendly cannabis into the small city of Laingsburg.

Local Roots Cannabis Co. was born. And now as the statewide cannabis market continues to blossom more than two years later, those same guiding principles have helped the family-run operation stand out among the state’s highest-rated pot shops—with the awards to prove it.

“This is a very special community to me,” Liskey told The ‘Gander. “Laingsburg is almost like one of those Hallmark towns. It has this sense of community, of belonging. I’ve lived in a few different places now, and they’ve all made me realize how special it is in Laingsburg.”

Ronda Liskey (left) poses with budtender Jeremiah Rose, daughter-in-law Kaitlyn Liskey, and son Roy Liskey. (Courtesy Photo)

Liskey said Local Roots differentiates itself from other corporate cannabis giants across Michigan, in part, because of its small-town approach to business.

“Just like us, most of our growers are mom-and-pop style businesses too,” Liskey explained. “We’ve found that smaller operations that really put the time and effort into their business produce superior products. It’s about giving each plant the time and attention it needs.”

While other pot shops resemble Apple stores with flashy screens and gimmicks, Liskey has kept his small-town store feeling homey and comfortable. The staff keeps focused on friendly, approachable service for all types of customers—from longtime stoners to curious newbies. And the Liskey family samples every product before it hits the shelves.

“It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it,” Liskey jokes.

Local Roots is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 120 W. Grand River Rd. in Laingsburg, Michigan. (Courtesy Photo)

While you’re there…

Among the highest rated products that have been personally sampled and approved by the Liskey family this year: Redemption Cannabis’ convenient 10-packs of pre-rolled joints, available in two strains: Gooberry and Mafia Funeral. You can even buy them by the carton.

Gooberry—which is a crossbreed between two other cannabis strains called Afgoo and Blueberry—is known to be especially for unwinding after a stressful day. This fruity and spicy strain carries obvious notes of blueberry, with just the slightest hint of pine. And its full-body relaxing effects make it perfect for a Netflix binge.

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