5 Questions to Plan Your Perfect Cannabis-Infused Summer Getaway

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By The 'Gander Staff

July 18, 2023

MICHIGAN—We Michiganders love our weed—even more so in the summer.

Ask any budtender at any pot shop, and they’ll likely all tell you the same thing: More pot products, on average, are sold during the summer months than any other time of the year. Statistics show that last month alone, Michiganders dropped nearly $250 million on weed.

Why? Because Michigan stoners love summer just as much as any other Michigander—and because Michigan, especially during the summer months, is just a great place to get blazed.

But we’re not all after the same experience. That’s why we’ve put together this interactive guide to summertime cannabis experiences. Just tell us a little about yourself and we’ll offer up some personalized recommendations for you!


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