6 Michigan Artists to Watch in 2023

Photo via Anthony Lee on Facebook

By Maddison Hill

August 17, 2023

The work of these artists represents the true essence of Michigan.

Michigan is home to an incredible array of contemporary artists. From painters to photographers, sculptors to digital media makers, these creatives are pushing the boundaries of art and highlighting the best of the Mitten. 

Anthony Lee


Anthony Lee is a Detroit-based muralist and painter. Lee uses a variety of mediums to create his works. His art often reflects Detroit’s culture, political issues, and identity. 

Lee has painted numerous public murals throughout Detroit. He’s also been commissioned by businesses, organizations, and the general public to work on projects. 

In February, Michigan State University commissioned Lee to paint its famous Rock to honor the students who lost their lives during an on-campus shooting at the school. Lee’s image featured a Spartan head and the words “Always a Spartan,” along with the names of the students who passed away.


Sheefy Mcfly


Sheefy McFly is a Detroit-based artist turned musician. He is best known for his vibrant and expressive street artworks, often featuring bold colors and abstract shapes. Mcfly also uses graffiti techniques to make his art. 

Mcfly makes music through the same creative methods he uses when producing his visual art. His sound is a reflection of the impulses he feels while making art.


Ivan Montoya 


Ivan Montoya is a Detroit-based painter and muralist who works with a vibrant palette of colors to create unique pieces that explore themes of identity, culture, and history. 

“I create paintings that express the Mexican Diaspora through folkloric symbolism. I use bold color, dynamic lighting, and old word visual motifs to turn allegorical figures into representations of immigrants and their experiences…,” Montoya said about his works.

Montoya has painted numerous public murals throughout the city and has been commissioned to work on projects for businesses, organizations, and public spaces. 


Sabrina Nelson 


Sabrina Nelson is an accomplished Detroit based artist with over 32 years of professional experience. She has an impressive portfolio of work that spans a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, objects, and installations. Her work is influenced by Eastern and African philosophy and the Yoruba religion. Nelson’s art explores themes of spirituality, emotion, and intimacy. 


Dustin Hunt


Dustin Hunt is a Michigan-based artist from Ann Arbor specializing in site-specific large-scale murals. Hunt’s art is driven by the urge to bring people together. Hunt also is determined to use his art as a tool for social change


Erica Bradshaw 


Erica Bradshaw is a mixed-media artist and illustrator based in Kalamazoo. Bradshaw uses inspiration from nature’s textures and patterns. Her nature-inspired works have an element of whimsical, child-like wonder.



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