Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

By Kyle Kaminski

August 22, 2023

Michiganders know a thing or two about weed—so we asked thousands of them to tell us about their favorite edibles on the shelves at their local pot shops. Here’s what they told us.

MICHIGAN—Not everyone likes to smoke weed. Some prefer to eat it instead. 

The latest state regulatory reports show that Michigan’s pot shops sold more than $77 million (and counting) worth of cannabis-infused edibles so far this summer. But picking which ones to buy can be a challenge, especially with prices being at one of their lowest points in state history.

Thankfully, readers of The MichiGanja Report have some recommendations—or seven of them.

Over the last month, hundreds of readers recommended dozens of their favorite cannabis-infused edibles. The following list features the seven products that were among the most frequently cited as being among the best on the market in the state of Michigan:

Barracuda Chocolate

Detroit Edibles has a simple mission statement: To make the best cannabis-infused edibles in the state of Michigan. And according to readers of The MichiGanja Report who highly recommended their Barracuda brand chocolate bars, they’re doing a real bang-up job. 

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

Barracuda chocolate bars are simple but effective. Each one is crafted with 65% Belgian chocolate, combined with 100-200 mg of THC via pure cannabis distillate from Cannalicious Labs—and they come in a wide variety of flavors, including my fave: Dark Chocolate Espresso.

Each bar retails for about $15, depending on where you shop. The new, “fast-acting” variety of Barracuda chocolate bars also reportedly uses new “nano-emulsion technology,” which means you’re supposed to feel the effects sooner and with maximum potency. 

Click here to search WeedMaps for retailers across Michigan.

Sweet Justice Soda

Anyone can bring a case of beer to the party. But a six-pack of cannabis-infused soda? 

Now that’s a real game changer. 

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

These 12 oz cans of Sweet Justice soda (from Franklin Fields in Lansing) each contain between 3.5-10 mg of THC. And unlike booze, you can slowly sip on these throughout your next gathering without worrying about having a nasty hangover the next morning. 

Find them in four delectable flavors for about $10/can at The Botanical Co. 


While many cannabis-infused edibles in Michigan are advertised for their high THC content and mind-numbing effects, PotDots (from Lion Labs in Lansing) is designed to help consumers gradually find their perfect high—in the form of the absolute tiniest dose of THC on the market.

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

Each package is filled with 100 pieces of candy-shelled (milk or dark) chocolate, each containing a mere 1 milligram of THC. Such a small dose is a great way to take it easy and slowly build your way up to an enjoyable high. And as the package states, PotDots will allow you to “confidently and accurately achieve the perfect edible experience, every time.”

Find PotDots for about $18 at dozens of retailers statewide—including Breeze and Lume

Wyld Gummies

Every pot shop in Michigan has some cannabis-infused gummies on its shelves. 

A recent analysis of state sales data from Headset shows that among cannabis-infused edibles, gummies are by far the most popular choice among consumers. And among readers of The MichiGanja Report, one gummy brand stood out as the most highly recommended in Michigan.

It’s Wyld.

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

Readers recommended Wyld gummies primarily for their natural fruit flavors with no bitter, weedy aftertaste. Edibles affect everyone differently, but Wyld specifically incorporates natural terpenes into its recipes to help facilitate distinct, more intentional sorts of experiences.

The raspberry flavor, for example, includes sativa-leaning terpenes for a euphoric and energizing experience best enjoyed during the day or while engaged in creative activities. The Marionberry leans more toward the indica side of the spectrum—providing that kick-off-your-shoes sense of relaxation that some consumers want for the end of the day.

Click here to search for retailers across Michigan. 


For the canna-curious, there are hundreds of different gummies, rice crispy treats, chocolate, brownies, fudge, peanut butter, honey, lollipops—and just about every dessert in between. But for Michiganders without a sweet tooth, the edible options on pot shop shelves are limited.

The newest product from Funky Extracts changes the narrative.

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

These snack-sized pouches of Funky-Uns contain a whopping 200 mg of THC—enough to roll up the bag and save some for later. They also taste eerily identical to a more well-known, onion-flavored grocery store snack brand that goes by a similar name. Most folks probably wouldn’t even know they contained cannabis, that is until the effects kick in an hour later.

Find Funky-Uns (as well as Hot Cheese Curls) for about $10/bag at Pincanna

Lift Strips

Lift Strips are thin, flavored film strips—sorta like those Listerine breath strips, except they each contain 25 mg of THC. And they were made just for those who appreciate the “subtle beauty of the cannabis experience,” namely because they allow for easy dosing anytime, anywhere.

Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Michigan

Pop a strip in your mouth or in your beverage, and it’ll dissolve instantly for relatively fast-acting effects. And unlike most pot brownies and gummies, they don’t contain any sugar or calories.

Find Lift Strips for about $20, exclusively at Dunegrass.

All-Vegan THC Capsules

Subtle or not, some folks just don’t want their cannabis to be an experience at all. 

For them, readers highly recommended Michigan Organic Rub’s THC capsules. Each bottle comes with 20 all-vegan capsules filled with coconut and cannabis oil, with 10 mg of THC in each capsule. Just swallow them like a morning vitamin, and then move on with your day.

Find them for about $20 at Pincanna

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