Bud on a budget: 5 ways to get great weed deals in Michigan

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By Jessica Strachan

November 3, 2023

Worried that you might break the bank when it comes to balancing an expensive holiday season? Here’s your guide to budget-friendly blazing on your cannabis adventures.

MICHIGAN—Welcome to the season of overspending. It’s bound to happen with all the holidays, end-of-year events, and timeless Michigan traditions that keep you on your financial toes (Bronner’s, anyone?).

With that in mind, we’ve got the scoop on how to find the most affordable cannabis goodies around so you can shop guilt-free while still taking advantage of the gift of ganja.

Here’s five easy steps to finding the cheapest goods around Michigan during the holiday season:

1. Keep an eye on local shop specials

Bud on a budget: 5 ways to get great weed deals in Michigan

(Photo via Unsplash)

The first rule of budget-friendly cannabis shopping is to stay tuned to the latest deals and discounts offered by local dispensaries. Many dispensaries in Michigan run daily or weekly specials on different products like flower, edibles, or concentrates. If you’re in southeast Michigan, one place you have to keep an eye on (because they have specials around the clock) is the Monroe-based dispensary at Weedys.com. They have one of the best discount programs around with the promise of curbside pickup ready in 15 minutes. You can shop in price tiers, because some days you might be looking for “decent weed” while on others you want a little something special. The best bet is to sign up for their newsletter, which guarantees no spam—only exclusive emails on their discounts and deals.

2. Explore loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are your secret weapon in the quest for affordable cannabis. Many dispensaries offer loyalty programs where you earn points for every purchase, which you can later redeem for discounts or freebies. So, be sure to sign up for these programs and start earning those sweet rewards. Our top choice for its loyalty program is Lume, whose dispensaries are scattered from Metro Detroit to Northern Michigan. They have all the best aspects of a great loyalty program—from referral benefits to free birthday goods, monthly $100 giveaways, and end-of-year freebies but also one of the most generous point systems just for signing up and making regular purchases. Check it out.

3. Take advantage of flower deals

Bud on a budget: 5 ways to get great weed deals in Michigan

(Photo via Unsplash)

Flower power, anyone? Keep an eye out for dispensaries offering special deals on flower products. The average price for a gram in Michigan is $5—less than half the national average. Maybe not the best news for growers, but great news for customers. You can find some dispensaries in Kalamazoo selling an ounce for as low as $60-70. One place you’ll find that almost too-good-to-be-true deal is Pincanna in Kalamazoo (with locations in East Lansing and Kalkaska, too). You’ll also find $5 pre-rolls, $25 vapes, and half ounces for less than it costs to fill up a Ford Fusion with gas. The only catch? Limited supplies at those prices mean limits per customer.

4. Check out the house goods

Don’t sleep on the value brands or the house mixes. House mixes are usually random combinations of shake or perfectly good leftovers of freshly harvested plants. You won’t know exactly what’s there, but dispensaries typically strive to make them a really solid hybrid that does the trick when it comes to potency. Many dispensaries also carry their own line of cannabis products aimed at being more affordable without sacrificing quality. Here, we recommend the notorious House of Dank, one of the best-rated local shops you’ll find all the way from West Michigan to Detroit to your annual ‘Gander pilgrimage Up North. Did we mention they are currently raffling off a Jeep Wrangler, too?

5. Go for edibles and concentrates

Bud on a budget: 5 ways to get great weed deals in Michigan

(Photo via Unsplash)

If you want to stretch your dollar further, consider exploring the world of edibles and concentrates. They often offer a more potent and longer-lasting high, requiring less product to achieve your desired effect. Keep an eye out for deals on these products and venture into something new and exciting. One deal that caught our eye was at Cannabis King in Burton, near Flint. The dispensary sells its Amnesia brand Fruity Pebble-flavored disposable vape—a whole gram of the good stuff—for just $14. Wake and Bake never tasted so good.

Remember, finding affordable cannabis products doesn’t mean sacrificing quality in a state like Michigan, where top talent has lit up the local market. 

By staying connected to local deals, exploring loyalty programs, seeking out bulk discounts, trying flower specials, checking out value brands, and venturing into edibles and concentrates, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying high-quality cannabis at a price that won’t break your gift budget this season.




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