Everyone loves swag: Where to find the best at Michigan dispensaries

(Image via northernspecialtyhealth.com)

By Jessica Strachan

January 3, 2024

Our curated collection of best dispensary swag shows off just how vibrant Michigan’s cannabis culture is.

MICHIGAN—Welcome to Michigan. The land of constantly changing weather where we like our clothes comfy and swag practical.

We wanted to highlight our favorite merch from Michigan’s most distinctive dispensaries because it’s not just about enjoying ganja but also being comfortable along the way. These handpicked items embody our love for cannabis and represent the unique spirit of Michigan. 

From trendy apparel that lets you express your cannabis pride to clever designs that are sure to start conversations, these are the items we love to lounge with while lighting up. 

Happy swag shopping!

Colors of Royal CD

(Image via jujuroyal.net)

Step into a vibrant realm of reggae-infused melodies with Colors of Royal, the highly acclaimed album by the famous Julian Marley. Vibe out to rhythmic beats on tracks Jah Sees Them, Inna Mood, and Roll—plus your purchase includes a complimentary 4-Pack Tropical Gummie, adding just what you need for this listening experience.

While you’re at JuJu Royal, be sure to snag a taste of the cannabis creations the Marley legend made by teaming up with Paw Paw native Aaron White.

Visit the dispensary.

Heavyweight Heads strain art tees

(Image via heavyweightheadsapparel.com)

Introducing Heavyweight Heads’ custom line of T-shirts, the perfect blend of cannabis, culture, and creativity. For just $35 each, these high-quality shirts feature iconic depictions of beloved strains, including Giraffe Head and Sunfuel. 

Each design captures the mood of their most sought-after strains, making them a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast who loves to infuse their passion into their wardrobe. The characters they’ve created are works of art in their own right and are sure to spark up conversation among friends.

Grab your Heavyweight Heads T-shirt today and make a statement like no other.

Shop here.

Treetown Happily Baked mug

(Image via TreetownCannabis on cafepress)

Get ready to elevate your coffee game with the Treetown Happily Baked in Michigan 11 oz Ceramic Mug. For $14.99, this mug is all about celebrating the amazing cannabis culture of Ann Arbor — our very own tree city.

This cup’s 60s-inspired peace and love vibes are a daily reminder of what we’re made of in Michigan—whether you’re waking and baking or simply starting the day with coffee. It’s the kind of swag we just have to have.

Let the good times roll here.

Northern Specialty Health hoodies and tees

(Image via northernspecialtyhealth.com)

We never miss a chance to shop the exclusive items from Northern Specialty Health. Their comfy hoodies and cozy tees show off a love for cannabis culture while rocking that classic ‘Gander style.

It’s the perfect shopping spot to browse their always-clever designs like the “Smoke U.P.” shirt. And you’re not just making a personal statement on ganja—you’re showing love for local businesses committed to making a difference (including giving veteran discounts year-round).

Here’s how to find them in Houghton.

Exclusive tote with zipper pouch

(Image via exclusivemi.com)

Sometimes, subtle is best. Check out this Exclusive-made and branded tote that is sophisticated but with a nod to one of Muskegon’s coolest cannabis brands. 

Exclusive is a dispensary you’ll find all across the Mitten, and they have made a niche for themselves by serving one-of-a-kind but high-quality products, from smokables to swag.

We have our eye on this bag because the classic tote with a zipper pouch makes it great for errands or a beach day (and, of course, stashing some cannabis goodies). 

The price tag is $60.




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