23 of the best Michigan Bloody Marys to pack a brunch

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of Boone’s Prime Time Pub via Facebook.

By Lisa Green

March 22, 2024

Whether you’re looking for the dive bar basic, a build-your-own adventure, or the most monstrous Mary imaginable, Michigan has some great Bloody Mary options.

MICHIGAN—We’ve been known for Celery City and the birthplace of the Olive Burger. So it’s no surprise Michiganders love their Bloody Marys.

One of the most esteemed guests to Sunday brunches everywhere, the Bloody Mary is a vodka-based cocktail that makes generous use of its tomato juice flavor base. The combination of tomato and vodka creates a culinary canvas upon which bartenders can play with flavors to their heart’s content, so there are a lot of variations. The most classic flavorings include horseradish, hot sauces, celery, black pepper, pickles, olives, and more. But ingredients and garnishes vary wildly, including pickled vegetables, skewers of cheese and meats, and even entire meal items like small burgers, onion rings, and rotisserie chicken.

Bloody Marys are infamously known as hangover cures, which is part of why they are so popular for a Sunday morning. But it’s not just folk wisdom — Bloody Marys have a quantity of electrolytes and antioxidants, as well as Vitamin C, potassium, and sodium. Tomatoes, in particular, contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant known to reduce inflammation and potentially help the liver process alcohol.

The cocktail that has now become a brunch staple has a curious history. The first iteration of a Bloody Mary was brewed by Fernand “Pete” Petiot in Paris in 1934. The birthplace was Harry’s New York Bar, a transplant of American-style bars at a time when America had banned alcohol. It was most famous as a hangout for American writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, who vacationed in northern Michigan, specifically Walloon Lake, during the summers.

There are a few possible origins of the name Bloody Mary, but one tale attributes the name to Hemingway. In this version of the story, Hemingway was dating a woman named Mary and didn’t want her to smell the alcohol on his breath. So he would ask for a drink mixed with juice to mask the odor, all the while grumbling “bloody Mary.”

Ready to find your next favorite Michigan brunch spot? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Michigan Chains

Bobcat Bonnies

Multiple Locations in Clinton Township (Partridge Creek), Detroit (Corktown), Ferndale, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Ypsilanti, and Wyandotte

The first Bobcat Bonnies started in Detroit’s Corktown in 2015, and today, it’s a hip brunch hotspot that embraces diverse communities across several Michigan cities. Its weekend brunch runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and includes a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. It’s a build-your-own adventure with a variety of Bloody Mary mixes, as well as hot sauces and seasonings, so you can find your own flavor profile. Garnishes include meats, cheeses, and pickled veggies.

Make sure to check out their eclectic brunch menu options filled with all things sprinkles, glitter, and foodie ingredients. You’ll definitely want to try their disco donuts or breakfast cereal pancakes.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of Bobcat Bonnie’s via Facebook.


Multiple Locations in Adrian, Dexter, Grand Blanc, Howell, South Lyon, Ypsilanti (Depot Town), and Ypsilanti Township

Aubree’s is a laid-back pizza joint that started in 1972 in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town. The location was intended to become a corner bar hangout spot. Now, with seven different locations, Aubree’s brings the neighborhood bar to you.

The Aubree’s Bloody Mary is definitely a point of pride for the restaurant. Aubree’s uses a secret recipe Bloody Mary mix and combines it with True North Vodka. From there, they add the signature balsamic vinaigrette rim with seasoned salt, then garnish with celery, pickle, green olive, and tomato. Exactly what you’d expect from a great Michigan pizza joint.


Multiple Locations in Detroit, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids (Beltline), Holland, Kalamazoo, Livonia, and Royal Oak

Hopcat is a 2008 creation of Grand Rapids, otherwise known as Beer City, USA. Though Hopcat currently has eight different locations, it brings Grand Rapids’s love of craft beer to every location, with tons of local draft beers on tap. Their Cosmik Fries, named in honor of Frank Zappa, are particularly popular, featuring a signature black pepper seasoning.

The Hopcat Bloody Mary is definitely something worth making part of your leisurely Sunday afternoon. It uses Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix and is available either classic or spicy. The alcohol base is both vodka and a light lager. The trademark part of Hopcat’s Bloody Mary is the Cosmik seasoning rim, with the same black pepper blend that makes their fries so beloved.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of HopCat (Kalamazoo, MI) via Facebook.

Detroit and Detroit Metro


2460 Market Street, Detroit, MI
3601 Twelve Mile Road, Warren, MI 

One of the most quintessential Michigan Bloody Mary experiences ever is thanks to Vivio’s. Since 1967, whether you’re strolling around the Eastern Market in the morning or tailgating for a Detroit Lions game, Vivio’s has been the perfect companion to a Detroit weekend excursion. Saturdays are their busiest days, but luckily, you can wander around the Eastern Market while you wait for your drink order. The Metro Times calls it the Best Bar for a Bloody Mary.

Vivio’s serves fifteen different varieties of Bloody Marys to suit any Bloody Mary-drinking personality. They have a signature Bloody Mary mix, mixed with a vodka infused with dill pickle, black pepper, and jalapenos. The Vivio’s Classic comes with a pickle spear, lime, and beer chaser.

Of the remaining 14 other Bloody Mary varieties, they use an eclectic blend of different alcohols and garnishes. A variety of local vodkas, such as 8 Mile Vodka, Detroit Distillery Horseradish Vodka, Gypsy Vodka from Petoskey, and Sobieski Vodka. Other alcohol bases include spiced rum, tequila, pinot noir, and even grappa (Italian moonshine). Possible garnishes include spicy asparagus spears, salami-wrapped mozzarella, prosciutto-stuffed olives, jumbo shrimp, bacon, Srodek’s hunter sausage, pierogi, crab cakes, and even Detroit-famous Better Made chips.

If you can’t make it to Detroit, you can also enjoy all the same Bloody Mary goodness at their second location in Warren.

Grand Trunk Pub

612 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI

Another local favorite for beverages of all varieties, the Grand Trunk Pub is a classic pub in one of the oldest buildings in Detroit, a 1900s-era railroad ticket station converted into a bar. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., they host their weekend brunch, where you can get their infamous “Hair of the Dog.” The popular Bloody Mary uses Absolut Vodka Peppar with a house-made Bloody Mary mix. For fixings, the Hair of the Dog comes garnished with a mini grilled cheese, candied bacon, a sliced pickle spear, olive, and a celery stick. A Hopewell Lil Buddy Lager serves as the sidecar. Try one with the popular Chicken and Waffles.

Brooklyn Street Local

1266 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI

If your idea of a hangover cure doesn’t involve alcohol, or you otherwise just want somewhere in Detroit for zero-proof Bloody Marys, then Brooklyn Street Local is the place for you. This Corktown eatery is noteworthy for its farm-fresh offerings committed to local sourcing and sustainability. 

Brooklyn Street Local’s Bloody Marys use McClure’s spicy Bloody Mary mix with pickle brine. The deliciously simple non-alcoholic concoction goes for only $4. For $9, you can get the Bloody Mary with American Vodka. Both options make the perfect combination for the lighter farm-fresh fare of the menu, for a perfect outing after a night out.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Street Local via Facebook.

Toast (Birmingham)

203 Pierce St, Birmingham, MI 

Just down Woodward Avenue in Birmingham is Toast, a retro-chic neighborhood brunch staple for the Metro Detroit city. Aside from their gourmet omelets, Toast is known for their four different types of Bloody Marys, including the ultra-mild refreshing Garden Mary, the spicy-southwest Mango Mary, and the pork-packed Bacon Mary.

The original Bomb Mary uses Pearl Vodka with a spicy house-made Bloody Mary mix. It’s served with pickle, olive, and jalapeno. The Garden Mary is a popular non-spicy alternative using cucumber-dill vodka with Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix. It’s rimmed with celery salt and comes with pickle, olive, and lime. 

The Mango Mary is perfect for those who want things a little spicier, with green chile vodka, hot sauce, mango, lime, and tajin-dusted pineapple. Finally, the Bacon Mary contains all the flavors that make bacon so delicious, complete with bacon-infused vodka and a bacon garnish. The rim is an apple-smoked seasoning and it comes garnished with pickle.

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar (Southgate)

19400 Northline Rd, Southgate, MI

Heading Downriver will help you find the most massive Bloody Mary imaginable in the D. At Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, “go big or go home” truly is a way of life. They are known for their Ten-Pound Monster Burger, the Two-Pound Taco, the Mega Mule, and even their 2,000-pound burger which made the Guinness Book of World Records. But really, the Monster Bloody Mary is gut-busting enough.

Mallie’s Bloody Marys range from $7 to a whopping $75, depending on the variety ordered. The Monster Bloody Mary goes for $48 with well liquor and $75 for premium liquor. But don’t think you don’t get bang for your buck—the Monster Bloody Mary is served in a 1-gallon jug filled with Zing Zang mix and a spout to share. The main attraction is how the Monster Bloody Marry is topped with an architectural creation of 10 skewers and celery stalks. The alternating skewers carry a variety of olives, pickles, mozzarella sticks, mini-tacos, and chicken wings.

Grand Rapids

Steel Cat Bar

640 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids, MI

Located on Grand Rapids’s West Side, the Steel Cat Bar is a Grand Rapids staple, featuring Michigan’s first and only frost rail bar. This revolutionary system is an ice-topped bar that dispenses draft beer at 32 degrees, independent of the temperature of the walk-in cooler. But they make a mean Bloody Mary as well.

On the weekends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., “Grand Rapids’s Favorite $6 Bloody Mary Bar” offers a variety of mixes and garnishes. Aside from vodka, patrons can also mix up the Bloody Maria variant (using tequila). Then, they offer an impressive selection of herbs, spices, fresh vegetables, meats, shrimp, oysters, sardines, and even pastries to accentuate your creation.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of Steel Cat Bar via Facebook.

Rockwell Republic

45 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI

Rockwell Republic, located in downtown Grand Rapids’s Heartside neighborhood, is a Chicago-like gastropub with Asian-influenced cuisine. Voted Grand Rapids’s Best Happy Hour and Best Bloody Mary for two years, you can’t beat Rockwell’s innovation. Their brunch runs on the weekends and features a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar with a wide variety of flavors. 

Rockwell Republic makes their own house-infused vodka flavors perfect for a Bloody Mary, including cucumber, garlic, jalapeno, habanero, and more. Guests may also choose between a spicy house mix or a mild mix. Beer sidecars are also available at an upcharge. Their Massive Marys, the regular menu staple, come with a choice of cheeseburger sliders or sticky chicken.

Birch Lodge

732 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI

Just east of Medical Mile, Birch Lodge is your classic neighborhood bar that keeps cocktails affordable for all the average working-class Michiganders out there. Every Sunday at the Birch Lodge is “Church at the Birch.” But instead of religious sermons, it’s more like all-you-can-eat tacos with a $1 Bloody Mary Bar. Not a bad congregation to join.

With just the purchase of your choice of vodka, you can build your craft Bloody Mary cocktail, with selections of celery, pickles, olives, bacon, jalapenos, horseradish, sauces, and a variety of mixes. Service runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.

Sundance Grill & Bar

151 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI

5755 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Sundance Grill & Bar may serve up west Michigan Tex-Mex, but its Bloody Mary has a different inspiration—a BLT sandwich. The Sundance Grill & Bar “BLT Bloody Mary” is garnished with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It also comes with toasted English muffin bread, mayo, and a five-ounce pour of beer. Come for the breakfast quesadillas and churro pancakes, but stay for the Bloody Marys.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of Sundance Grill & Bar via Facebook.


Meat BBQ

1224 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI

If you love a Bloody Mary with a lot of protein, you’ll love the Meaty Mary at Meat BBQ. Not only does Meat BBQ serve up down-home no-frills just-plain-good barbecue, but their Meaty Mary is known as one of the best Bloody Marys in the state. In 2016, MLive ranked the Meaty Mary as number four on their list of top 10 Bloody Marys in Michigan.

The Meaty Mary uses a house mix as well as the restaurant’s own Vin 666 West Carolina barbecue mop sauce, which is used on the restaurant’s pulled pork. Gypsy vodka forms the base, but they also might just throw in whatever dark beer they have on tap.

Watershed Tavern (Haslett)

5965 Marsh Rd, Haslett, MI

If you like your Bloody Marys swimming in a skewered delight of delectable pub grub treats, Watershed Tavern is the place for you. They offer six different Bloody Mary varieties, ranging in price from $10 to a whopping $50, but the extra bells and whistles are worth a whole meal.

The Classic comes with your more standard varieties of garnishes, including a pickle, pickled brussel sprout, pickled asparagus, smoked bacon, three cheese cubes, and a beef stick. It only gets heavier from there. 

The Bloody Dairy includes a cheeseburger slider, plus spicy cheese cubes and cheese sticks. The Smokehouse Shed Bloody adds extra bacon to the Classic, plus house-smoked thighs and two ribs. The Shed Inferno is a spicy twist on the Classic, including bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, plus spicy cheese cubes and chicken tenders tossed in hot sauce. The Bloody Damn Good includes a whole grilled cheese sandwich, plus chicken tender, bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper, and two onion rings.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Shed Beast includes three sliders, three Sheddars, four bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, six tater tots, and four onion rings. If you dare, the Bloody Shed Beast takes everything that’s great about the Shed Beast, and also adds a whole house-smoked rotisserie chicken. $5 of Bloody Shed Beast purchases are donated to Haslett Public Schools.

Tavern and Tap

111 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI

This downtown Lansing pub formerly known as Tavern on the Square rebranded to include brunch offerings back in 2014—and boy, are we glad for that! Their weekend brunch runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and features $3.95 Mimosas, $5 frozen cocktails, and a $6 Bloody Mary bar.

For the Bloody Mary bar, they provide the vodka and you add the rest! Pick and choose your own hot sauce, meats, cheeses, and veggies to your palette’s content. The drink pairs perfectly with their ever-popular Loaded Waffles.

Bay Region

Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill (Clio)

2183 W Vienna Rd, Clio, MI

The Clio Roadhouse is definitely the best spot in the region to indulge in a massive Bloody Mary. This sports bar’s Bloody Marys are served in 24-ounce mugs with large handles and a literal bouquet of snacks and garnishes. The base is Zing Zang, enhanced with extra spices and their “Blazin’ Sauce” which is also used on the wings.

The garnishes include more typical offerings like celery, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pickles. But by far, the layered pub favorites take the gold, with generous helpings of bacon, cheeseburger sliders, boneless wings, onion rings, cheese cubes, and a jerky straw to drink it all in.

Make sure to also try their other variations like their Brewed Mary, which uses a draft IPA with Tabasco, and the Bacon Jalapeno Mary, which uses house-infused bacon vodka.

Bay City Bill’s Bar & Grill (Bay City)

1215 Michigan Ave, Bay City, MI

Bay City Bill’s might make some of the best hamburgers in town, but they’re also known for the best Bloody Marys in Bay City. 

Their Bloody Marys come made-to-order with a range of customizable ingredients. You can start with your choice of spirit, including vodka, tequila, bourbon, and gin. From there, you can mix in a choice of hot sauce, various juices, and horseradish. Finally, garnishes vary wildly between the classics like celery, olives, and pickles, to more savory treats like salami, ham, bacon, and cheese.

When MLive visited Bill’s back in 2016, they remarked that Bill’s had “the friendliest patrons and staff” of every restaurant they toured, as well as “several very interesting regulars.” So, if you go, maybe brush up on your bar conversation and get ready to people-watch.

Traverse City

Boone’s Prime Time Pub (Suttons Bay)

102 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI

The Leelanau Peninsula may be known as Michigan’s wine country, but we think the Bloody Mary deserves a fair shake. Especially if it’s from Boone’s Prime Time Pub in Suttons Bay. Their Bloody Marys are called “Massive Marys” and they’re practically a meal in themselves. The 24-ounce giant packed with snacks was inspired by a Bloody Mary the owner enjoyed while visiting Texas.

The base blend is a mix of tomato and V-8 juice, enhanced with spices, garlic, and horseradish. What makes the Massive Mary more unique is the everything bagel seasoning along the rim. Aside from that, the Massive Mary is stacked with lemon and lime wedges, olives and blue cheese olives, and celery. The larger parts of the Massive Mary include a burger slider, a buffalo chicken slider, hand-dipped onion rings, and deep-fried pickle chips. Each Massive Mary also comes with a sidecar of hard cider or either Labatt’s or Bud Lite.

Make sure to check out the waterfront patio on their deck, and enjoy your Bloody Mary with a basket of sliders, Great Lakes Perch, beer-battered shrimp, or frog legs.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of Boone’s Prime Time Pub via Facebook.



428 E Front St, Traverse City, MI

One of the best and most beloved burger joints in Traverse City also just so happens to have its best Bloody Marys. Bubba’s Bloody Marys come in three different varieties ranging from $8 to $18. The $8 variety is the typical run-of-the-mill bar cocktail, with house-made Bloody Mary mix, well vodka, and olive and pickle garnish.

The other two Bloody Marys is where you get the best of Bubba’s. The Inferno uses vodka infused with horseradish, jalapeno, and garlic. It is then combined with sriracha sauce and house-made Bloody Mary mix. Finally, the Big Bloody Mary, the $18 behemoth, is a 24-ounce mountain of beverage, served with two chicken wings, two onion rings, two mac-and-cheese bites, an Irish egg roll, and pickle and jalapeno. It comes with a shot of Miller High Life on the side.

If you’re coming for breakfast, any of their Bloody Marys go great with a plate of hash, an egg sandwich, or a breakfast burrito.

Northern Latitudes Distillery (Lake Leelanau)

112 East Philip Street, M-204, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Northern Latitudes Distillery is Leelanau County’s first full-service distillery, brewing up their own varieties of rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, and liqueurs. But the vodka has certainly acquired a certain popularity. Northern Latitudes Distillery also features the smallest Bloody Marys in Michigan.

Northern Latitudes distills its own unique horseradish-infused vodka, which is the key ingredient of their winning Bloody Marys. This is why you can get one-ounce Bloody Marys for free—this is how they allow customers to taste test the vodka. The in-house Bloody Mary mix is made with a combination of Zing Zang mix, Worcestershire sauce, and Old Bay seasoning, and served with house-pickled vegetables, an olive, and a meat straw.

If you’d much rather grab a bottle to go during your next excursion Up North, Northern Latitudes also offers their Bloody Mary recipe online, so home mixologists can easily craft the trademark beverage in their home bars.

Marquette and Upper Peninsula

The Up North Lodge (Gwinn)

215 S Co Rd 557, Gwinn, MI

Just south of Marquette in Gwinn, the Up North Lodge is a log cabin eatery that’s pure “Up North.” It serves up award-winning burgers, ribs, and a Bloody Mary. In a 2018 contest for the best Bloody Mary in the area, of the 10 competing establishments, the Up North Lodge took the inaugural grand prize.

Though their “Almost” World Famous Barbecue Ribs are by far the biggest draw, the famous Bloody Marys are a close second. The cocktails use locally-made Whitney’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix with well vodka, with a pickle and pickled onion, jalapeno, and mushroom. A celery stalk and lemon and lime wedges finish off the drink, with the secret blend of spices along the rim serving as the finishing touch. On Sundays, the Bloody Mary prices are reduced and cocktail shrimp is added. Patrons also get a “snit” of beer, anything on draft.

For $20, you can take on the “Bloody Mary Burger,” which includes everything in the original Bloody Mary, but also adds some fun snacks. It’s named for the one-third-pound cheeseburger, but it also comes with a tower of onion rings for what is an ultimate bar snack experience.

Though the Up North Lodge is a trek, it’s the best outdoor dining in the Upper Peninsula, with plenty of fire pits on the patio outside.

23 Of The Best Michigan Bloody Marys To Pack A Brunch

Photo courtesy of The Up North Lodge via Facebook.

Northland Gastropub

230 N Front St, Marquette, MI

The Landmark Inn is one of the most iconic and historic ways to spend the night in Marquette, offering timeless surroundings, picture-perfect lakeside views, and even a few ghost stories. 

The Landmark Inn features three different spots to grab a bite to eat, with the Northland Gastropub as its English pub-themed evening mainstay, the Crow’s Nest serving as a top-story cocktail bar, and the Parlour Cafe serving quick, hotel-worthy breakfast. But the Northland Gastropub is also open for weekend brunch, starting at 11 a.m. And on Sundays, their signature Bloody Mary bar delights guests from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The traditional Bloody Mary at the Northland Gastropub is the Bloody Sunday, featuring a house-made Bloody Mary mix with Tito’s vodka. Garnishes include house-candied bacon and a beer-battered fried pickle. However, at the Bloody Mary bar on Sundays, you can have your pick of a variety of possible vodkas, trimmings, and garnishes.


517 N 3rd St, Marquette, MI

With all the meat and cheese garnishes, it’s easy to forget that the Bloody Mary cocktail incorporates a lot of produce and healthy ingredients. Thankfully, BODEGA hasn’t forgotten, and eschews the deli meats and cheeses for a Bloody Mary that’s made from scratch and totally vegan.

BODEGA is a brand dedicated to using sustainability practices and local ingredients, with all dishes made from scratch. Bar infusions are made in-house with whole ingredients, and all juices are freshly squeezed. The BODEGA Bloody Marys start with a from-scratch vegan house mix. From there, freshly squeezed carrot, cucumber, celery, lemon, and lime juices are added for a delectable bounty of fresh flavors. Also available is the Barrio Bloody, which uses the vegan Bloody Mary mix with house-infused jalapeno-pineapple tequila.

Make sure to pair your Bloody Mary with one of their farm-fresh delectable entrees, which help support local farmers and other suppliers. Now that’s a Bloody Mary you can feel good about.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.23 of the best Michigan Bloody Marys to pack a brunch23 of the best Michigan Bloody Marys to pack a brunch




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