These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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By Karel Vega

June 5, 2024

We recently asked Michiganders what the best flavor of Faygo is. Did your favorite make the cut?

Faygo: It’s one of Michigan’s most iconic beverages. The drink was created by Russian immigrant brothers Ben and Perry Feigenson at their Detroit company, Feigenson Brothers Bottle Works—inspired by the brothers’ culinary background as bakers. The brothers discovered something truly special in 1907 when they infused their soda waters with their most popular frosting flavors: grape, strawberry, and fruit punch, and the rest is history.

Faygo’s many pop varieties have since become a true staple at any ‘Gander get-together.

But with more than 50 flavors to choose from, we wanted to know which one is the best. So, recently, we turned to you to find out.

After sorting through hundreds of comments via social media and email, we finally have the answer.

To keep the list simple, we won’t be including every flavor, only the top five based on reader responses (sorry, Moon Mist Blue lovers).

Without further ado, Here are the best Faygo flavors according to Michiganders (or at least, our readers):

#5: Orange

These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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Coming in last on our list (but still receiving a decent amount of votes) is Orange. Because who doesn’t love a good orange pop? Crisp and refreshing, you know exactly what you’re getting when you crack open one of these. This flavor is undoubtedly a summer classic and a must-have at any get-together.

My only guess as to why this fell higher on the list is the large amount of other orange-flavored choices when it comes to pop.

Fun fact: in 1961, the initial run of an offshoot flavor—Royal Hawaiian Pineapple Orange—experienced an embarrassing launch when the unsterilized juice in the bottles quickly became rancid. After arriving at stores, the buildup of gasses in the bottles led them to explode on shelves.

#4: Creme Soda

These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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According to Faygo, this flavor “looks like water, but tastes like a vanilla dream.”

Many reviewers online praise the flavor’s smoothness and rich vanilla flavor. One Amazon reviewer went even further and said the drink is great mixed with milk. Is that a thing? (No judgment here; I’d try it.)

Want to spice up your Faygo Creme Soda experience? Check out this “Pontoon Summer” cocktail recipe via Michigan Public.

#3: Grape

These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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It’s one of Faygo’s original three pop flavors, which the Feigensons sold fresh from a horse-drawn wagon in the company’s early days. Fans of the flavor love its distinct mix of sweet and mild tartness.

Interestingly, a large portion of our commenters who loved Grape also had an affinity for Faygo Orange.

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#2: Redpop

These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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If this list was based on sales numbers, then Faygo’s Redpop would easily take the number one spot.

Redpop is also one of Faygo’s original three flavors, although it went by a different name back in the early days—Strawberry. Faygo changed the name to Redpop in the late 1960s.

The flavor was featured in the famous Faygo “Boat Song” commercial in the 1970s, cementing its place as the company’s flagship pop.

#1: Rock & Rye

These are the top 5 Faygo flavors, according to Michiganders

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More than 40% of respondents to our question said Rock & Rye is the best Faygo flavor—comfortably cementing it in the top spot on our list.

In fact, even when it came to other flavors on this list, many commenters preceded their choice by saying something to the tune of “Other than Rock & Rye?”

Although not one of Faygo’s original flavors, it has a deep history with the company.

Faygo introduced Rock & Rye in the 1920s. It was named after a popular prohibition-era drink composed of rye whiskey and rock candy.

Faygo is famously coy about the ingredients that make up Rock & Rye, describing it as “Like cream soda, but with a delicious ¿¿cherry, maybe?? twist.”

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