Report: Federal funds spark ‘clean energy boom’ in Michigan with 21,000+ new jobs

Report: Federal funds spark ‘clean energy boom’ in Michigan with 21,000+ new jobs

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By Kyle Kaminski

July 2, 2024

Legislation signed by President Joe Biden has led to at least $25 billion in clean energy projects announced in Michigan—which are set to create more than 21,000 jobs. 

MICHIGAN—A new Climate Power report shows that at least 58 new clean energy projects have been announced or moved forward in Michigan since the passage of President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act—marking more new projects than nearly every other state.

According to the new report, those new clean energy projects in Michigan have spurred at least $25.4 billion in investment and created or moved forward at least 21,490 new clean energy jobs—which Climate Power says is part of a “clean energy boom” now unfolding nationwide.

All told, since Biden’s landmark climate and clean energy investments became law in 2022, companies have announced projects accounting for more than 312,900 new clean energy jobs for electricians, construction workers, technicians, support staff, and more, the report states.

But when it comes to new manufacturing in wind, solar, batteries, and electric vehicles, Michigan is leading the pack. The report shows that Michigan only ranks behind Georgia, New York, and Texas in the total number of clean energy jobs announced over the last two years. 

Here’s the list from the report:

Report: Federal funds spark ‘clean energy boom’ in Michigan with 21,000+ new jobs

Here’s the Deal:

The Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law marked the largest-ever investments (by any country ever) in clean energy jobs and manufacturing.

And according to Climate Power, Biden’s clean energy plan is working in Michigan—particularly in low-income and rural communities, where at least 21 of the state’s 58 clean energy projects have been announced. These projects will see more than $11 billion invested in Michigan communities and are set to create (or have already created) nearly 13,000 new jobs.

Reports also show about 50% of the new clean energy jobs (and 40% of the federal investments) are also centered on new projects in low-income communities. About 13% of the new clean energy jobs (and 9% of the projects) are located in Michigan’s rural communities.

What are the projects?

Among the biggest clean energy projects announced in Michigan over the last two years:

Other clean energy projects recently announced in Michigan include: 

What’s at Stake?

The recent report from Climate Power also came along with a warning for voters—specifically about how House Republicans have already passed legislation to repeal Biden’s clean energy plan, and ex-President Donald Trump’s latest promise to begin peeling back clean energy investments on “Day 1.”

“Trump is promising to kill more than 300,000 American clean energy jobs,” said Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes. “American people deserve cleaner, cheaper energy choices, and American workers deserve to make them here at home. But Trump is willing to inflict a true economic ‘bloodbath’ so oil executives can keep gouging us at the pump, with no competition to worry about. Trump is siding with the Chinese government to overturn Biden’s clean energy law, and if he gets his way he will forfeit the economic future to them once and for all.”

More than 300 clean energy executives also recently denounced Republican proposals to repeal Biden’s clean energy plan—saying it “would be nothing short of an economic and national security disaster.”

Data shows the Biden-Harris administration has overseen the creation of more than 15 million new jobs since taking office—including 420,000 new jobs in Michigan, with about 24,000 jobs in manufacturing. When Trump left office, Michigan’s unemployment rate was 6.5%. Trump’s administration also oversaw the closure of six automotive manufacturing facilities—including a GM factory in Detroit.

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