16 Michigan Traditions to Start with Your Family This Fall and Winter

Autumn has arrived in Michigan—and with a new season comes a host of new traditions that you can share with your family.

Let’s face it. With all that’s going on in the world, we need to look forward to something.
Eight Ways Michiganders Can Celebrate the Little Things in Life 

In the midst of it all, it can be easy to drift into autopilot without having anything to celebrate. So, here’s Nicole Collier's challenge for Michigan: Find something to celebrate every day.

There are plenty of fun and cheap things you can do with your kids before the cold weather makes its return to Michigan.
Cheap (and Fun) Things to Do With Kids Before Summer Ends

Nicole Collier shares a few fun and cheap things you can do with your kids before the cold weather returns.

Also known as adventurous play or child-led play, risky play is most simply defined as play that is thrilling and exciting, and that also involves uncertainty, or risk of injury.
Easy Ways for Michigan Parents to Create Adventurous Play for Kids

At first glance, the phrase “risky play” may sound absolutely terrifying. But according to many childhood development experts, it’s a huge part of your kiddo’s healthy development.

Six Ways Michigan Kids Can Better Connect With Nature This Summer

Get out, connect with nature, soak up the sun and enjoy all the sights and sounds while summer lasts in Michigan. It won't be here long.

The best childhood memories can be free.
Five Ways for Super Busy Parents to Make Summer Memories With the Kids

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4 Simple Things you Can Do to Occupy Bored Kids This Summer

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I feel like I JUST wiped the tears of sadness from my face after sending my one and only child to kindergarten. I was JUST wondering how I was going to manage a new life of flying solo. And now, in the blink of an eye, class has been dismissed for...