All-Season vs. Winter Tires: Here’s Why Michiganders May Need Extra Traction

It's obvious that when temperatures drop and winter weather arrives you'll need to put away your shorts and T-shirt and go for pants and a thick coat. But the decision to swap out your vehicle's all-season tires for winter tires isn't so clear-cut.

The Blizzard of 1978 in Kalamazoo (Courtesy/Kalamazoo Public Library)
Top 10: Biggest Snowfalls Recorded in Michigan History

Almost everyone who lives in areas prone to snow seems to have a legendary snowstorm story: the blizzard of '78, the Storm of the Century, any of the blizzards or bomb cyclones that have happened since then. And according to experts, historic snowstorms—the kind you measure all other snowy days against—are becoming more regular.

Forecast: Cold, Snowy Winter Could Hit Michiganders in Their Wallets

Forecasters are predicting extreme cold and wet weather for Michigan and the upper Midwest this winter, and experts warn that high energy bills could come with it.

Michigan Winters are the 3rd ‘Most Miserable’ in America

Thrillist ranked every state by how miserable its winters are, and Michigan landed at a respectable #3.

The storms were widespread in Michigan and Indiana.
Storms Kill Power to More Than 400,000 Customers in Michigan

Thousands of Metro Detroit residents were left without electricity service on Tuesday morning as crews worked to repair the damage from a line of thunderstorms that ripped across much of the Midwest on Monday afternoon—at one point leaving more than 400,000 Michiganders in the dark.

A woman takes a photo of lightning striking as dark storm clouds roll over Lake Michigan. (Mark Olsen via Unsplash)
Storms Knock Out Power to More than 100,000 Across Michigan

Severe thunderstorms left more than 100,000 customers across Michigan without power, utilities reported Wednesday.

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24 Celestial Events to See in Michigan’s Sky in 2022

What are the planets, comets, and moon up to in 2022? Find out what to expect in Michigan here.