Detroit residents observe a stretch of I-94 that is still under several feet of water following heavy weekend rains which flooded parts of Metro Detroit.
After a weekend of heavy storms beginning on Friday night and lasting through the weekend rainwater flooded parts of I-94 in Detroit, Michigan forcing some motorists to abandon their vehicles and seek shelter from the heavy rains. Flood waters remained in areas along I-94 between Dearborn and Downtown Detroit several days later as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference on the still inundated I-94.
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If you have a feeling these storms have something to do with climate change, you'd be right.

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 27: Many cars were abandoned at this I-96 overpass of Pacific Ave. causing the freeway to become impassible where the water was over 2 feet deep due to the torrential rains of the previous day during the day on I-96 freeway in Northwest Detroit on Saturday June 26, 2021 in Detroit, MI.
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With floodwaters still draining off I-94, how long the highway will be closed isn't known. But there are ways to recover from future floods faster.

Golden dune grass on a sandy beach on the shores of Lake Huron.
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Boats anchored in Lake Michigan water at Power Island in west grand traverse by near Traverse City, Michigan. (AP)
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Boats anchored in Lake Michigan water at Power Island in west grand traverse by near Traverse City, Michigan

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Midland flood
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New information shows dangerous dioxins may be carried into Lake Huron from central Michigan's flooding disaster.