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Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Deer Hunting Season is Still Going: 3 Things to Know

Firearm season started Nov. 15 and runs through Nov. 30, but there are additional hunting dates and new reporting guidelines to know before you head into the woods.

Authorities have detected the high levels of PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in deer in several states, including Michigan.
‘Forever Chemicals’ in Deer Pose Challenges for Michigan Hunters

Wildlife agencies across the US are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer—and that's prompting health advisories in places like Michigan, where hunting and fishing are ways of life and key pieces of the economy.

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8 of Our Favorite Things To Do Up North in Michigan

There’s no way we could list all the things we love about the region, so here are eight of our favorite aspects from “Up North.” 

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
The Ultimate Michigan Deer Hunting Guide for 2021

From important dates to regulatory changes across the state—The 'Gander's Ultimate Michigan Deer Hunting Guide for 2021 has you covered.

A gray wolf pictured during his first day in his enclosure. The gray wolf or grey wolf, also known as the timber wolf or western wolf, is a canine native to the wilderness and remote areas of Eurasia and North America.
Michigan’s Gray Wolves Have Long Been Protected and Studied. Now They’re at the Center of a Political Battle.

The gray wolf culling in Wisconsin was less a hunt and more of a "killing spree," according to a Fish and Wildlife Services expert. Would Michigan's hunt go the same way?

Wolves Are Finally off the Endangered List. Will Michigan Start Shooting Them Now?

Republicans are experiencing the Little Red Riding Hood effect and Michigan’s grey wolves are paying the price.

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‘There’s Always Something to Fish For’: Michigan Anglers Stay Busy Deep Into Fall on the Great Lakes

Fishing never stops in Pure Michigan. Here's how anglers pursue the perfect catch deep into the fall months.