This Country Singer Wants More Michiganders to ‘Wake N’ Bake’

Michigan country singer and songwriter Sadie Bass is releasing a new music video for her latest single on April 20. (Photo via Sadie Bass Music on Facebook)

By Kyle Kaminski

April 19, 2023

MICHIGAN—There’s something special about smoking weed and watching the sunrise. 

Maybe it’s the tranquility from much of the world still being asleep. Perhaps an empty stomach makes for a stronger high. Maybe cannabis just pairs well with coffee and a big ol’ pile of post-joint flapjacks.

Or maybe it’s because smoking weed in the morning is also the perfect prelude to spending a warm day at the lake, enjoying the sun, catching a tan, and forgetting every care in the world.

That’s what Michigan-born country music singer-songwriter Sadie Bass believes, anyway. And this week, she’s bringing that tried-and-true lesson from the Great Lakes State to the national stage with the release of a new music video for her warm-weather single, Wake N’ Bake.

Sadie Bass (photo via Sadie Bass Music on Facebook)

The video premieres April 20 to align with the holiday, but you can listen to the song now, and watch a behind-the-scenes clip here. Keep an eye on Bass’ Facebook page for the full release.

Bass—who’s from Bath—may have grown up in a small town, but she’s opened for some big names in country music. You might have heard of them—Billy Ray Cyrus, Gabby Barrett, Colt Ford and Diamond Rio. She was also a contestant on last year’s season of The Voice on NBC. 

Wake N’ Bake, which just debuted on Spotify at the end of last month, is one of two singles that Bass has released since she was eliminated from the show in the second round. Now living in Nashville, she shared her inspiration for the song with The MichiGanja Report, our free biweekly cannabis newsletter.

“I wrote the song after coming back from a vacation in Key West, where I’m pretty sure we had edibles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was such a good time,” Bass said, noting that the song, as designed, sounds best when it’s being blasted at full volume from speedboat speakers. 

Sadie Bass takes a break while filming her latest music video. (photo via Sadie Bass Music on Facebook)

It’s also an ode to laid back, early morning tokers everywhere. 

“It’s kind of a mix between country and pop,” she said. “There are so many different songs out there about drinking beer—and I wanted something different. This can be the new beer song.”

The lyrics to the chorus may get stuck in your head:

Gonna sit in the sun and 

Get my Coppertone on and 

Let time take its time today

Gonna float on the water

So high I can’t be bothered

Blame it all on Mary Jane

It’s a wake n’ bake kinda day

Bass first performed the song live last summer, at a festival hosted by Local Roots Cannabis in Laingsburg. The family that runs the pot shop liked the new song so much that they partnered with Redemption Cannabis to sponsor and produce the new music video. 

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“Sadie is local, and deserves to make it big. Her voice is amazing and her songwriting is top notch,” said Local Roots Co-Founder Roy Liskey. “Also, we believe this song will help normalize cannabis use. There are a million songs about drinking beer. We need more cannabis songs.”

Bass added: “I do think there’s a stigma out there still. I think there are a ton of people who really haven’t accepted that it’s a lot like drinking—except it’s also a whole lot better than drinking because you don’t have to wake up with a nasty hangover the next morning.”

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