8 Social Hotspots for Michiganders Who Love to Share Marijuana

Hot Box Social. Image via Hot Box Social Instagram

By Jessica Strachan

June 9, 2023

Partake with friends at one of these cannabis-friendly venues in the Mitten.

MICHIGAN – Some smoking sessions are best solo. Other times, it’s best with friends new and old. Cannabis is a celebrated plant that brings together culture and community in Michigan, and while public consumption is still largely regulated by the government, there are a handful of hidden gems around the state where the gatherings are ganja-friendly. Below we’ve compiled a list of locations where social smoking is anything but frowned upon. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your circle of friends, enjoy an afternoon with other open-minded medicinal plant partakers, or drink/stretch/shout for joy with your favorite marijuana product in hand, these eight venues and recurring events are where Mary Jane lovers come alive together. 

Michigan’s Two Consumption Lounges

We have exactly two licensed consumption lounges in Michigan, and they do not disappoint.


The Hot Box Social is located in Hazel Park, making it the place to freely experience marijuana as you like it. They are open for private events but also host cool curated events like Cannamoms Brunches, hibachi grill dinners with notable chefs, Super Bowl parties, and even a Sneaker Ball to fuse in another passion of Metro Detroiters. Hot Box Social opened up in March 2022 and the lounge itself is a must-visit. (Pro-tip: You can bring your own green, or pre-order through Hot Box Social’s retail partner, Breeze.)

You can check them out on Instagram. 


Tucked within a historic building in Downtown Kalkaska, the Kalkushka Lounge is a community gathering place for the open minded. The 3,000-square-foot space has ample seating areas, hosts concerts, live acts, comedy shows, and private events. The cover charge is $5 per visit (bring your own bud), or $420 for an annual pass. 

Bonus: Next door is The Botanical Co. dispensary to browse and bring your favorite products.

Check out all they have to offer at Kalkushka.

An Elevated Exercise Experience

The Detroit-based yoga studio Elevated Yogi doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk (and then savasana, of course). The folks behind this wellness center offer daily classes, open spaces to host events, and cultivate a vibe that centers on knowing your inner self. And what better way to take yoga— meant as a path to inner peace—even further than to add cannabis to the class?


Here, the focus is on imagination and unity with a group of like-minded people who care about their health—inside and out. Their regular schedule offers mostly evening classes, starting at 4 p.m. or later, but they have a noon class in each weekly roster of sessions. Each class has a fee, around $11, but you can also buy monthly packages for $69 or more flexible options such as 10 classes for $100 to help you curate your experience at any pace. In addition to yoga styles, you’ll also find that they offer ecstatic dances—a meditative and expressive dance style in which you move in a world all your own, rhythm be damned, alongside others who aim to be their free selves in any setting. 

Visit the Elevated Yogi website here. 

The Sundays That Dreams Are Made Of 

On Sunday afternoon, there’s one thing on our minds: brunch. Now add in Baked Bingo, where you win cannabis flower, and it’s the perfect weekend reset. Circ Bar in Ann Arbor hosts this weed-friendly bingo event where marijuana prizes are at stake, all while enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet (you’ll need it when those munchies kick in). The event runs from 1-2:30 p.m. with doors opening at 1 p.m. and the first game kicking off at 1:30 p.m. There are four games total and the brunch buffet is open from noon-5 p.m. for the hangers-on who want to follow up on their Baked Bingo experience. 


Each bingo card is $5 to play, or five for $20. Drinks are on special and the laughs are free. Grand prize gets a voucher for Mission Dispensary, but don’t worry, everyone’s a winner here, so everyone goes home with a gift freebie. 

Get the Baked Bingo deets here on Eventbrite.

Rise Up, Light Up with the Community 

We haven’t forgotten Monday morning. Tucked away in the Bagley neighborhood near Ferndale is a captivating community hub known as The Copper House Detroit.


It’s run by two local activists who bring expertise in urban agriculture and healing practices. This home offers more than a glamorous interior and vibrant ambience, it’s also a safe and fun space for the LGBTQ+ community. The owners are cultivators and champions of marijuana as a restorative plant and bonding tool for humans. You can host events or snag an overnight stay for $250 a night. 

Explore the one-of-a-kind Copper House in Detroit. 

Getting Creative for a Cause, ’Gander Style

Did you know Michigan is home to the nation’s first cannabis art therapy company? Founded in the Mitten by trained therapists, this company has two goals: help people and have fun through art. Puff, Puff, Paint programming offers three hours of art therapy for $35 a person. They provide all the art materials and the credentialed art therapist, while you bring along your favorite cannabis (and/or alcohol) products. You’ll find them at different venues from Lansing to Detroit to Flint. Puff, Puff, Paint will also do private parties within an hour of Detroit for at least eight people. Our favorite part? They use portions of their proceeds to support community projects.

Learn more about Puff, Puff, Paint here. 

The Call of the Wild 

Michiganders have a special affinity for nature and that often means special annual camping trips. But in Haven Campground, during a day of getting lost and exploring the wonder of our state’s backyard landscapes, you’ll also find open arms for cannabis users. Located in Kalkaska, the grounds have 10 acres of campsites, from tents to campers to yurts to glamping. Prices start at $25 and we love that they are veteran-owned. Fun fact: They also allow dogs. Fun pseudo-fact: Pets make highs even better. 

Check out Haven Campground.

Where Great Minds Come Together 

Who said your next meeting had to be so stuffy? A new trend in co-working involves companies that are cannabis-friendly. The Art Farm in Fennville is an incubator for creatives, artists, designers, musicians and the like to host their workshops, meetings, team-building, and inventive brainstorms. You can reserve as an individual or as a group for this location nestled near Lake Michigan.

Inquire for pricing here. 

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