5 Apps and Text Services That Make Buying Marijuana in Michigan a Breeze

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By Jessica Strachan

June 21, 2023

Purchasing local weed products is as simple as the click of a button for Michiganders, thanks to these mobile apps and text services.

MICHIGAN – ‘Ganders live in an increasingly modern world—from the urban epicenters to the sprawling rural communities—and the marijuana business is meeting us there. Thanks to now-proven and acclaimed mobile apps and text services, getting cannabis is now as simple as the click of a button for locals. 

We’ve rounded up several must-have apps on your devices for taking your green thumb to the next level. One thing you can expect with each service? Verifying you’re of legal age, permission to turn on location services and notifications, a “favorites” option to collect your desired goodies in your virtual card, and the option to create an account or subscribe for specials and deals. 

Mobile Apps 

Greenery Map 

Where to start choosing your Ganja journey today? The Greenery Map is the tool that makes it easier, because some things in life don’t have to be so hard. They make choosing intuitive and engaging. Similar to a game of “Choose Your Own Adventure,” they give you options and as you click on what you’re feeling, they curate a list of ideas and easy-to-purchase pages that make it effortless—even fun—to try new things in E-commerce Cannabisland. Whether you’ve got a taste for an Apple-flavored Sativa, need to address your ailing knees, or need a soothing nighttime tincture, it’s a great personal shopper for being a robot. 

Getting started: After the app downloads you’ll set up location services, choose whether you want notifications, and confirm you’re of legal age or a medical card holder to use their services. You can search by product name if you’re feeling inspired, but their best feature may be the “Choose Your Mood” option.  


It’s the app that makes getting your goods easier. The most expensive delivery network around, and offers perks for signing up. Eaze is simple in concept: on-demand delivery. But they don’t skimp on the details that matter most: You can browse their curated selections for your desired experience and your budget. Deals get front and center of their pages and they are strong in their recommended products lists so you can get to the top products sooner. Best of all? They stock women and BIPOC-owned brands. We’re sold. 

Getting started: Once you’ve got the app downloaded and opened, you’ll first enter your delivery address and then— wait for it—claim your free $30 off reward for first-time shoppers. The app is streamlined and easy to navigate; the only menu button to click inward is “shop.” From there, you can narrow down by product, deals of the day, and accessories. Quick note: Vapes can’t be purchased from within the app, but you can head to Eaze.com to order them.


This is a go-to app for all things that go into browsing for marijuana products. They offer a robust experience to not just shop, but learn about products, strains, and the most recent developments in the world of weed. You can easily search by product, too. It’s a one-stop-shop for easy decision making and therefore, leaving more time to bask in your hash session:

  • Need a doctor or medical card? Check. 
  • Want to map out nearby dispensaries? A highlighted feature. 
  • Searching for the best deals of the day? You can do it here. 
  • A loyal member to your favorite brand or strain? Easily search your trusted go-to’s. 
  • Latest news on marijuana? You’ll find a section for that. 
  • Brushing up on your knowledge? Don’t miss their learning library.
  • Need to wear your love of Mary Jane on your sleeve? Yep, they have an online clothing store. 

Getting started: Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will prompt you to share your location—ideal for connecting you with the most accurate info—and ask if you’d like to enable notifications. The latter is helpful to communicate with your diver and get real time alerts on your arriving bundle of bud products. They also have a cool feature to “Stash Your Preferences,” aka customize your experience to show only what’s most relevant to your searches. 


Following closely behind the success of Weedmaps is Leafly, which also has millions of monthly users to connect them with nearby options for all things cannabis. The main difference that makes Leafly stand apart from the basic services, is that its product and strain directory is the most comprehensive on the internet. If you ever wanted to understand terpenes, watch blind strain tests, explore which parts of the body CBD works best in – it’s all here. You’ll also find interviews with experts and robust reviews of individual strains. 

Getting started: Opening the downloaded app, you’ll verify your age and that you’re in a location that has legal marijuana services, and ask if you’d like notifications turned on. At the home page you’ll find deals at the top, but scrolling down will land you on Cannabis 101 videos, a news and culture section for reading, and a toolbar at the bottom for searching and exploring strains. 

Via Text

Kush Cab 

Medical Marijuana patients in Metro Detroit who are in a pinch to get their needed cannabis products in a hurry will find Kush Cab a helpful service. They are donation-based, cash only, and while they don’t have a mobile app yet, texting is certainly second best. The reviews are a bit scathing on prices, but you’ll find that Kush Cab appeals to an interesting audience with required IG shoutouts on their very novel presentation.. You can get the basics, sure, but you won’t get bored with their provocative packaging or naming conventions. The website is bare bones, keeping you mainly on the homepage—which auto scrolls upon clicking the menu buttons—but we’re here for a good time not a long time.

Getting started:

Visit MyKushCab.com to select your desired products. Then, grab your phone and start your text order:

  • Send a picture of your valid ID, a selfie with that ID, a pic of your Medical Marijuana Card, delivery address and order details to their phone number: 313-629-0880. 
  • They’ll text you back a confirmation and order total. 
  • The ETA for delivery is usually 30-60 minutes. 
  • You have to spend at least $50 or buy 1/8th for them to deliver 

Final Note 

Don’t forget to check your local dispensaries as most are trending toward offering delivery – as well as curbside pickup and some even with drive thru service. Need help getting started? We made a roundup of our most trusted dispensaries that are open late and flexible for every Ganja seeking. 

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