Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

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By Jessica Strachan

October 26, 2023

Pack your bags, bring your stash, and get ready to explore the six leading stoner destinations in the Great Lakes State.

MICHIGAN—The Mitten State is home to several gems for those seeking a place to embrace their stoner lifestyle. With a diverse range of cities across the state, it’s time to unveil the top cannabis-friendly havens that will make every stoner’s heart skip a beat. Embrace the laid-back vibes as we delve into why these six cities have become Michigan’s go-to spots for cannabis connoisseurs—plus our recommendations for how to make the most of your journey there.

6. Marquette: Where nature and cannabis coexist in perfect harmony

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

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Located in the picturesque Upper Peninsula, Marquette is one of our favorite serene retreats for nature-loving stoners. It’s a Michigan community surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the majestic shores of Lake Superior. This charming town is the epitome of tranquility. It makes for an amazing weekend of relaxation and resetting from the everyday routines of life. Take a hike along the lush trails, immerse yourself in water activities, or simply laze around and enjoy a joint by the beach.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: The Fire Station Cannabis Co.

Must-Have Munchies: BODEGA

Awe-Inspiring Activity: Sugarloaf Mountain trails

5. Ann Arbor: A creative hub that nurtures a stoner’s soul

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

(Photo via David Harris / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ann Arbor is a must-visit destination for any cannabis enthusiast. Home to the University of Michigan, it’s renowned for its academic prowess and has also earned its place as a stoner haven. With its liberal and progressive mindset, the city embraces cannabis culture with wide open arms. The streets are lined with unique dispensaries, cannabis-friendly cafes, and an unparalleled range of activities. U of M is also home to the annual Hash Bash event. When seeking nature, you can escape to one of its scenic parks or relax by the Huron River.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: Arbors Wellness

Must-Have Munchies: Zingerman’s Deli

Awe-Inspiring Activity: Literati Bookstore

4. Traverse City: A tranquil getaway with a natural twist

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

(Photo via Austin Park on Unsplash)

Nothing quite feels as intuitive to a Michigander as the escape to the beautiful shores of the Mitten. In Traverse City, ‘Ganders get the ultimate trio of happiness with sparkling waters, lush vineyards, and cannabis culture. Known as the Cherry Capital of the World, this charming town exudes a laid-back atmosphere that perfectly complements its stunning scenery, which is a match made in heaven for any day buzzing around town. Just picture yourself taking a laid-back stroll along the beach, soaking up the natural beauty, and enjoying a blissful smoke—it’s truly about the simple pleasures here.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: PUFF Cannabis Company

Must-Have Munchies: Blue Tractor Barbecue

Awe-Inspiring Activity: Boardman River and Boardwalk

3. Detroit: The concrete jungle with an original cannabis connection

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

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The largest city in Michigan, Detroit is a stoner’s paradise. With a storied history in music, art, and social progress, the Motor City offers stoners endless opportunities to find, celebrate, and enjoy marijuana. From the booming cannabis industry full of experts to industry boot camps to countless dispensaries and entertainment options, Detroit has become a cultural melting pot where the cannabis scene really thrives. It’s really a movement in its own right, and Detroit’s vibrant energy has a way of elevating your stoner experiences to new heights.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: Utopia Gardens

Must-Have Munchies: Green Dot Stables

Awe-Inspiring Activity: Dequindre Cut

2. Hamtramck: A diverse blend of cannabis, community, and culture

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

(Photo via VasenkaPhotography / CC BY 2.0 Deed)

Nestled as an enclave of Detroit, Hamtramck is one of the region’s most underrated but vibrant and diverse communities. While here, you’ll see they are well on their way to capturing the essence of Michigan’s cannabis culture. The city boasts a slew of local eateries, places to enjoy live performances, shopping for unique and imported goods, and an unpretentious atmosphere on Caniff and Joseph Campau streets where you can unwind amidst the homey vibes of this fascinating bedroom community.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: 3fifteen

Must-Have Munchies: Yemen Cafe

Awe-Inspiring Activity: A Show at Planet Ant

1. Kalamazoo: A college town where adventure and cannabis collide

Your guide to Michigan’s top stoner-friendly cities

(Public domain image)

Tucked away in the southwestern part of Michigan, Kalamazoo is a true stoner haven. Beyond the picturesque landscapes, the college town has been a thriving hub of creativity—long before it became our state’s most cannabis-friendly spot. Home to Western Michigan University, students flock here for both its academic excellence and a wide range of stoner-friendly activities. The town’s street blocks, lined with locally designed art murals, are filled with cute little shops to discover. From exploring the vibrant art scene to taking a peaceful hike in the nearby nature reserves, Kalamazoo offers an ideal balance of relaxation and adventure where everyone is free to express themselves and make their own adventures around town.

Not-to-Miss Dispo: Cloud Cannabis in KZoo

Must-Have Munchies: The Root Beer Stand

Awe-Inspiring Activity: Public art mural wall crawl

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