High times, low prices: Michigan dispensaries with the cheapest ounces

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By Jessica Strachan
November 15, 2023

Plus, our recommendations for cheap shake, cartridges, and pre-rolls.

MICHIGAN—It’s the season to blaze up without breaking the bank. Just because Michigan’s marijuana market is on the rise, that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet to enjoy some sweet leaf.

Marijuana prices vary like a wild ride at a theme park across the US. According to Price of Weed—a site that tracks national pot prices—at the peak sits Washington, D.C., where scoring an ounce of medium-grade marijuana can cost a jaw-dropping $550. On the flip side is our very own Michigan—a leader in legalizing both medicinal and recreational marijuana through voting. Adult-use prices here average a very reasonable $97.62 per ounce, according to figures from the Cannabis Regulatory Agency—with prices varying based on flower quality.

Curious about the cost of convenience? In Michigan, the average price for a joint is around $6.36, which keeps us in line with the national average. But hold onto your lighters, because in D.C. that same pre-roll can cost a sky-high $13, while people down in Mississippi (where weed is still only legal for medical use) enjoy a pocket-friendly price of just $4. Ouch!

So, as we wrap up 2023—along with those holiday gifts and blunts—we’re rounding up where you can find the best deals around the state. Do note that these prices are accurate as of November 2023. Always double-check with dispensaries, as prices, deals, and timely discounts change often.

Our top picks for new customers

Canna Vibes Emporium

1135 W Dickman Rd, Battle Creek 49037

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First, our top vote for the best ounce price in Michigan is Canna Vibes Emporium, where you’ll find $50 ounces for recreational and medical customers. They also have deals for $70, $80, and $100 ounces for each level of cannabis quality you’re looking for. They even extend that same pricing structure to half ounces, so you can get 14 grams for just $25. If cartridges and concentrates are more your style, they have incredible weekend deals where you can get them two for $20 or an incredible 10 for $100.


1118 S Telegraph Rd, Monroe 48161

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Weedy’s downriver in Monroe has the jazziest offer at around 50% off your first order—up to $100 in savings. They breed and grow locally, so you’ll be sure to find in-house products that don’t disappoint. Don’t miss their pre-roll bundles, where you can knock off another 40% for buying in bulk!

Mint Cannabis

730 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo 49001 (and multiple other locations)

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Mint Cannabis locations across Michigan offer 30% off for first-time visitors but also provide a 20% discount for your second visit and 10% off for the third, making us loyal customers.

Quality Roots

2024 Caniff Street, Hamtramck 48212 (and multiple other locations)

(Image via Quality Roots on Facebook)

Quality Roots, in Hamtramck, knows how to kick off a weekend with Thursday weekly deal drops, but they also have a sweet deal for newcomers. For those who spend $75, snag a free eighth on your way out, plus 20% off the total order. Last but not least, it’s great for sharing the love because they give free eighths for their referral program when you and your friend spend $75 on their first visit. It’s the perfect way to rack up freebies by going halfsies on their $150 Chronicseur Farms ounce. They also have an ounce of shake for just $40.

Nobody’s Home

90 W Main St, Benton Harbor 49022

Nobody’s Home in Benton Harbor is a great spot for quality cannabis at awesome prices. You’ll find rare Michigan genetic pre-rolls six for $20 or buying their Coughee Shop 1-gram pre-rolls 30 for $40—cheaper than filling up the tank in a midsize car! If you’re looking for a quality journey, you’ll find White Truffle ounce (26%+ THC) for $100.

LIV Cannabis

6285 S Martin Luther King Blvd , Lansing 48911 (and multiple other locations)

(Image via livcannabis.com)

LIV is a company that puts humans first and often shares stories of how marijuana has changed people’s lives for the better. We recommend their Lansing location, where you’ll find ounces in the $120 range and a discount for veterans and senior citizens.

Top-rated dispensaries by you

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve rounded up four top-rated dispensaries based on price—by local Michiganders who have shopped there. Check out these tried and true shops to get your tree.

The Hempire Collective 

789 Oak Avenue, Clare


Cannamazoo Weed Delivery

Delivery Service Only, Kalamazoo


Bloom City Club Weed

456 Cedar Street, Ann Arbor


Bacco Farms Weed

Address: 567 Elm Avenue, Flint





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