23 of the best olive burger spots in Michigan, according to ‘Gander readers

Photo Courtesy of Joe-Lee's Crosswinds Cafe via Facebook

By Lucas Henkel

December 15, 2023

‘Gander readers weighed in with their go-to spots to grab an olive burger in Michigan.

MICHIGAN—We asked readers to reveal their favorite spot to grab a famous Michigan dish—the olive burger—and y’all did not disappoint.

This list contains nearly two dozen restaurants from around the Great Lakes State that readers think serve the best version of this salty-sweet concoction—along with a few other mouth-watering menu items. Grab your napkins—it’s about to get messy in the best way. 

Eastern Michigan

The Mercury Burger Bar
2163 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Photo Courtesy of Mercury Burger Bar via Facebook

“Amazing food!!! We got the flint burger and their special burger, Rudy. Both were delicious!”—Melissa B

The Torch Bar and Grill
522 Buckham Alley, Flint

Photo Courtesy of Torch Bar and Grill via Facebook

“Probably the best dive bar in all of Michigan! Hidden in an alley with a cool view and super amazing vintage bar. You feel like you have traveled back in time. Solid menu options, will cook the burger super rare, cold beer, and varied selection of alcohol. It is well used but clean and sweet vintage bathrooms. Staff is friendly and interactive! Will definitely be back and highly recommend!”—Bomber B.

Halo Burger
3388 S. Linden Rd., Flint

Photo Courtesy of Halo Burger via Facebook

“My mama and I hit up Halo Burger after shopping at the mall. We both never tried it… so it was a good opportunity. The place was empty when we got there, and my mama refused to go inside. We entered the drive thru and gazed upon hundreds of food choices. We both ordered an olive burger with onion rings. IT WAS DELICIOUS. The cashier even gave us some motivational words to stay focused! I highly recommend HALO BURGER!”—Andrew B. 

Full Moon Bar & Grill
18204 Jefferson, Riverview

Photo Courtesy of Full Moon Bar and Grill via Facebook

“Really do like this very understated bar. If you go there, always try the specials. They are usually really good.”—Cathy C. 

Tip Top Restaurant
814 W. Maumee St., Adrian

Photo Courtesy of Tip Top Bar via Facebook

“Haven’t been there since 1974. It was just as I remembered it and the food was just as good! Carry on!!”—Doug I. 

Northern Michigan

Michigan House Cafe and Red Jacket Brewery
300 6th St., Calumet

Photo Courtesy of Michigan House Cafe & Red Jacket Brewing Company via Facebook

Great character and ambiance with the old woodwork and tile floor. Lots of cool vintage items decorating the walls. The food was tasty.”—Blake S.

Dairy Grill
1111 Bridge St., Charlevoix

Photo Courtesy of Charlevoix Dairy Grille via Facebook

“This place is awesome. They’re completely two different beasts, but the Dairy Grille hamburgers might just top Clyde’s drive in just over the bridge. The burgers themselves are not as big as Clyde’s but you can tell they’re handmade and I went for the olive burger which I added onions and mustard and it was oh so good! I also had a malt that was supreme. French fries were good as well. Simply put this was the best hamburger I’ve had in years.”—Alan S. 

Keyhole Bar and Grill
323 E. Central Ave., Mackinaw City

Photo Courtesy of Keyhole Bar & Grill via Facebook

“The Keyhole Bar & Grill is an awesome restaurant centrally located in Mackinaw City, Michigan. We ordered two burgers and they were very good. We also placed a to go order for quesadillas and it was awesome. The atmosphere was good. The service was great. The parking was good. The price was reasonable. We recommend this restaurant. We will eat here again.”—Richard M. 

Lil Bo Bar and Restaurant
540 W. Front St., Traverse City

“I mean… If you want juicy, quality burgers and tenders, this is the place to be! Also, their waffle fries (and ranch) are bomb 😍 10/10 would recommend.”—Jourdan D

The Lewiston Hotel Bar and Grill
2932 Olsen St., Lewiston

Photo Courtesy of The Lewiston Hotel Bar and Grill via Facebook

“Our burgers and fries were really good. (The burger had a nice “smash burger” kind of char/crisp to it, which I loved. The fries seemed to be lightly battered/seasoned.) The beer comes in a mason jar, generously poured for $4.  Good food, good service, fair prices. We’ll be back!”—Linda B. 

Clyde’s Drive-In
178 US-2, St. Ignace

Photo Courtesy of Clyde’s Drive-In via Facebook

“It wouldn’t be famous if it didn’t have great food!  Love the burgers… The bigger and juicier the better.  Super fun with the car hops bringing the food out.”—Andrew W. 

The Side Door Saloon
1200 US-31, Petoskey

Photo Courtesy of Side Door Saloon via Facebook

“The Side Door Saloon … yes, it’s a saloon type atmosphere! Beautiful long bar and cozy seating. TVs for sports enthusiasts.  But the food is far better than saloon quality! The mushrooms olive burger is the best burger in town.”—NE D. 


Weston’s Kewpee Sandwich Shop
118 S. Washington Sq., Lansing

Photo Courtesy of Weston’s Kewpee Sandwich Shop via Facebook

“This place pumps out the best olive burger you’ll ever have! If you haven’t experienced this mid Michigan staple, what are you doing with your life? A true legend in the Lansing community.”—Ali A. 

Olympic Broil
1320 N. Grand River Ave., Lansing

Photo Courtesy of Olympic Broil via Facebook

“One of the best olive burgers around and by far the best value.  Great food, fast service.”—Brian B

Dagwood’s Tavern & Grill
2803 E. Kalamazoo St., Lansing

Photo Courtesy of Dagwood’s Tavern and Grill via Facebook

“The service was outstanding! The food was very good, I had the olive burger 😋 I recommend it! The price is very reasonable, it was too loud for my liking but it is a tavern so what can you expect. I definitely will go back.”—Monica R. 

Joe-Lee’s Crosswinds Cafe
208 Airport Dr., Owosso

Photo Courtesy of Joe-Lee’s Crosswinds Cafe via Facebook

“My favorite place for good home-style cooking. I absolutely love the staff. They were voted people’s choice in the state for the best olive burgers for 2023.”—Harold A. 

Peanut Barrel
521 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing

Photo Courtesy of Peanut Barrel East Lansing via Facebook

“The waitress recommended the olive burger, it was amazing. The olive spread was topped high on the burger, the tangy-ness of the olives with the juicy meat was a great combo. The fries were the longest I’ve seen, as long as the basket.”—K. R. 

Jon’s Country Burgers
1030 S. Mission St., Mt. Pleasant

Photo Courtesy of Jon’s Country Burgers via Facebook

“The olive burger was amazing. Super friendly staff and the old school diner atmosphere is relaxing.”—Weeb R. 

West Michigan

O’Briens Deli & Burgers
1200 E. Paris Ave SE Ste. 3, Grand Rapids

Photo Courtesy of O’Briens Deli & Burgers via Facebook

“Excellent burger (maybe the best in town…), friendly, prompt service. Engaged and caring ownership. Absolute cheapest wine take out prices in town (cheaper than warehouse stores), and for quality brands and bottles. Highly recommend it. A gem tucked away where you wouldn’t expect it. Covers a much needed niche on this side of town.—Colleen H. 

Mr. Burger
Various locations around Grand Rapids

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Burger via Facebook

“Burgers were good. Different from the olive burgers I grew up with in Flint, but still good. Quick service. Decor, let’s call it retro chic, and not that it hasn’t been changed in 40 years.”—Eric S. 

Beechwood Grill
380 Douglas Ave., Holland

Photo Courtesy of Beechwood Grill via Facebook

“After spending the day going to the Dutch Village and Ottawa beach, Beechwood was a perfect spot to end the day. They accommodated our group of ten with no fuss. Our server Destiny was amazing! Food and drinks were fantastic.”—Joshua G

Southern Michigan

The Buck Burgers & Brew
412 State St., St. Joseph

Photo Courtesy of The Buck Burgers & Brew via Facebook

Great place with great burgers and brews. The burgers are made with 3 meats, brisket chuck and short rib. They have 74 handles, so you can get your favorite style and many of the local brews. They also have a great selection of wine and cocktails. Upstairs they have an outdoor deck, a great place during warmer weather.”—Thomas G. 

500 Phoenix St., South Haven

Photo Courtesy of Clementine’s via Facebook

“Such a quaint hidden gem in the heart of South Haven, MI. The building itself dates back to 1896 which, at that time, was a bank. See the photo of the original bank vault. Food was tasty & very fresh! “—Ellen M. 


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