Who’s thirsty? Here are the best THC-infused drinks in Michigan

By Jessica Strachan

January 19, 2024

We’re venturing into Michigan’s THC-infused beverage scene to see which delicious liquid alternatives have locals experiencing cannabis in new, exciting, and flavorful ways.

MICHIGAN—The Mitten’s cannabis beverage market is quite satisfying these days.

Between the different palate and potency preferences, you can substitute in your favorite flavors like fruity iced teas or even get a classic taste of the Mitten with an infused pop.

Swigging up your cannabis might be new for some, but the best part is that the options range from a tiny THC experience for newcomers to a potent liquid delight for seasoned enthusiasts.

For 2024, it’s sure to be one of our favorite ways to enjoy cannabis.

We are serving up a rundown of some of the most popular cannabis beverages available in Michigan. Below, you’ll find flavor highlights, potency, and recent sales data tracked by Headset (a company that analyzes and publishes industry trends and market information).

Bottoms up!

Pleasantea THC-infused raspberry iced tea – 10mg

(Image via Pleasantea)

Pleasantea’s THC raspberry iced tea is a chart-topper for infused drinkable treats in Michigan. Its $4 price tag makes it an affordable but tasty option for ‘Ganders on a budget.

Pleasantea THC-infused lemon iced tea – 10mg

For those seeking a tangy thirst quencher, this THC-infused lemon iced tea, also from Pleasantea, is a zesty burst of lemon flavor, and the 10mg THC infusion is the next best Arnold Palmer around. It’s about four bucks of afternoon perfection.

Pleasantea THC Peach Teas – 10mg

Peaches aren’t just for Georgians. Pleasantea enchanted Michiganders with their THC-Infused peach iced tea. This gentle dose of 10mg of THC per bottle is a subtle kick while tickling the taste buds. Did we mention it’s the cheapest on the list at under $4?

Tonic raspberry lemonade – 100mg THC

(Image via iheartjane.com)

This drink from Tonic is a powerhouse of flavor and potency and is usually in high demand. Packing 100mg THC in a 12oz bottle, it’s for the seasoned stoner seeking a stronger experience—the price tag clocks in at $11.

Tonic CBD/THC 1:1 tropical punch – 100mg CBD, 100mg THC

(image via iheartjane.com)

For a more balanced treat that’s equal parts healing and head high, this Tonic beverage is infused with 100mg of both CBD and THC. It’s a bottle of harmony for $11.

Keef Cola Bubba Kush Root Beer – 10 mg THC

(Image via keefbrands.com)

Keef Cola is bringing back a classic in Michigan. The cannabis-infused Bubba Kush Root Beer shot up the charts in popularity at the end of 2023. With 10 mg of THC in each 12oz can, it’ll satisfy your cravings for both sugar and the effects of THC. Snag it for around $14.

Tonic mandarin orange – 100mg THC

(Image via iheartjane.com)

Infused with 100mg of THC, Tonic’s mandarin orange drink is a burst of citrusy goodness going crazy in the Midwest. This flavorful beverage provides a relaxing and uplifting experience—perfect for those seeking a tropical escape in our Michigan winters. Each bottle is $11.

Keef Xtreme Cola Purple Passion Soda – 100mg THC

(Image via keefbrands.com)

Colorado’s Keef Cola met Michigan for a flavor adventure with their Purple Passion Classic Soda. Infused with 100mg of THC in a 12oz can, it’s a gentle but unique twist on the traditional grape pop ‘Ganders love. Priced at around $15, it’s the best summertime drink for a vibrant and uplifting experience with a nostalgic touch.

Sweet Justice cherry cola – 10mg THC

(Image via drinksweetjustice.com)

Sweet Justice hits home for Michiganders with their cherry cola – a perfectly balanced fusion of cherry and cola flavors and 10mg of THC in a 355ml can. Priced at around $9, it’s a solid alternative to traditional pop.




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