Your guide to the best hikes around Lansing, MI

Your Guide to the Best Hikes Around Lansing, MI

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By Good Info News Wire

February 13, 2024

MICHIGAN—Lansing may be known as the heart of the state’s government, but it’s also a place where nature lovers can find scenic trails for hiking and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re a local looking for a nearby escape or a visitor wanting to explore a bit of Michigan’s natural beauty, the following trails in and around Lansing are worth lacing up your hiking boots for.

Hawk Island Park — Your Family-Friendly Oasis

(Image via Ingham County Parks on Facebook)

 Trail: Hawk Island Loop.

 Distance: A breezy 1.5 miles.

 Level: Easy peasy.

Hawk Island Park is basically the all-star of family hangout spots. It’s got everything: a lazy loop trail, sand between your toes, and did someone say “splash pad”? Get the full scoop here!

Woldumar Nature Center — Where Wild Things Roam

(Image via Woldumar Nature Center on Facebook)

 Trail: Take your pick.

Distance: Over 5 miles (that’s a lot of steps!).

 Level: Mix and match, from chill to challenge.

Nature lovers, unite! Woldumar has trails sneaking through all sorts of habitats, so you might spot some furry friends along the way. They’ve got prairies, pine forests, and a big ol’ river. Get ready for your next “No Filter” Instagram post.

Harris Nature Center — Walk with the Wildlife

(Image via Harris Nature Center on Facebook)

 Trail: River Trail (and friends).

 Distance: Loops for days (up to 3.5 miles).

 Level: All welcome, bring your curiosity.

The Harris Nature Center in nearby Okemos is more than just a walk—it’s a stroll down Mother Nature’s lane with a side of education. You’ll leave with nice calves and maybe some new animal pals. Wander by the Red Cedar River and let your mind wander too. Dive deeper here!

Fenner Nature Center — Butterflies & Boundless Beauty

(Image via Fenner Nature Center on Facebook)

 Trail: A bunch to choose from.

 Distance: 4 miles, so stretch those legs!

 Level: Your call, from novice to ninja.

Fenner’s not playing around—it’s not just about the hike, it’s the vibe. We’re talking habitats galore and a butterfly garden that’s pretty much a live-action Pixar film. Find more details here.

Lake Lansing Park North — Under the Leafy Canopy

(Image courtesy of Greater Lansing Michigan Convention & Visitors Bureau)

 Trail: Lake Lansing North Trail.

 Distance: Around 3.5 miles of pure Zen.

 Level: A walk in the park (literally).

Wrap yourself in the arms of ancient oak trees at Lake Lansing Park North. It’s what you need if you’re after fresh air and a mental reset. Plus, it’s got a playground that’s basically kiddo heaven. Learn more about the trails here.

Lansing River Trail — The City Slicker’s Getaway

(Photo courtesy of Lansing River Trail via Facebook)

 Trail: Lansing River Trail.

 Distance: 20 miles of choice (go wild!).

 Level: Smooth-sailing.

Snap on your fanny pack, because the Lansing River Trail is where city vibes and Mother Nature have a beautiful baby. This trail gives you rivers, parks, urban art—name it, you’ve got it. Lace up for Lansing at its finest. Learn more about the trail here.

Sleepy Hollow State Park — The Trailblazer’s Dream

(Image via Sleepy Hollow State Park on Facebook)

 Trail: Take your pick — they’ve got loads.

Distance: More than 10 miles (bring a snack).

 Level: Whatever you’re feelin’.

Not afraid of a short drive? Sleepy Hollow State Park is your home away from home. Dive into nature with a side of wanderlust. Trails, water views, and probably the best outdoor selfies you’ll take this year—let’s be real.

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