The 3 best burgers in Grand Rapids, according to our readers

By The 'Gander Staff

May 8, 2024

If you’re a burger lover in Grand Rapids, you’re in for a treat! We asked our readers to vote for their favorite burger joints in the city, and the results are in. From juicy patties to mouthwatering toppings, these three establishments have been chosen as the best burger spots in town.

1. Stella’s Lounge

The undeniable champion of burgers is Stella’s Lounge. Here, burgers are a celebration of bold flavors and high-quality ingredients. And those burgers are served with a side of rock ‘n’ roll.

Their specialty lies in burgers that are not just topped with ingredients ranging from green olives to pineapple butter, but stuffed with bacon, blue cheese, and more.

Stella’s Lounge ensures that every element of their burgers, from the buns that cradle the patty to the cheeses that ooze into every crevice, contributes to a symphony of tastes that’s both familiar and thrillingly new. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to pushing the envelope that makes dining at Stella’s an experience to remember.

The ambiance at Stella’s Lounge is as eclectic and welcoming as its menu. With walls adorned with retro memorabilia and arcade games that beckon with the promise of childhood fun, it’s a place where the joy of good food and good company merges with a playful spirit, making every visit a memorable adventure.

At Stella’s Lounge, the stuffed burger is a testament to the joy of culinary craftsmanship and the power of community. That’s why locals named it the best burger in town.

2. Black Napkin

Black Napkin is a standout addition to Grand Rapids’ burger scene that has quickly become a hotspot for both locals and visitors.

What sets this takeout joint apart is their dedication to innovation and excellence. Every burger is a testament to their commitment to quality, featuring only the finest ingredients that come together in an explosion of flavor. The beef is sourced from the best local farms, ensuring that each patty is not only fresh but also imbued with a depth of flavor that can only come from cattle raised with care and respect.

But where Black Napkin truly shines is in their culinary creativity. They offer a tantalizing array of smash burgers, each with its own unique twist. Sure, you could go with the Classic (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard), but we’d opt for Le College Dropout (Grand Cru cheese, Vidalia onion, tomato jam, herbed mayo).

Black Napkin’s sodas are made in-house and are sure to surprise you with their sophisticated flavor profiles. And Black Napkin is a sister business to Any Colour You Like Popsicles, so you’re guaranteed a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day.

3. Butcher’s Union

As its name suggests, Butcher’s Union is a restaurant that approaches beef with reverence. It’s a place where high-quality meats and farm-fresh ingredients are the foundation of each dish.

And while they’re best known for their steaks, they don’t pull any punches when it comes to their West Village Double Cheeseburger. From the sharpness of the cheddar to the crisp, spicy pickles, and the creamy aioli that adds a touch of zing, every element works in concert to create a burger that’s both complex and delightfully straightforward.

Butcher’s Union’s ambiance adds another layer to the experience. This isn’t a burger joint; it’s a top-tier restaurant. The space marries industrial chic with warm, inviting touches, creating an atmosphere that feels both modern and timeless. It’s a place where friends gather, where conversations flow as freely as the craft beers on tap, and where every visit feels like coming home. The staff, with their genuine smiles and an eagerness to share their passion for good food, makes every meal an occasion.

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